Pop music roundup: 8 new songs to add to your playlist

New releases from Jack Kane, KINGS, Alex Di Leo and Beck Pete, among other artists, form part of Aipate‘s latest pop music roundup. Because they’re just so good, consider adding the songs to your playlist(s).

Mear – “Second Sight”

Singer-songwriter Frances Miller and producer Greg Harrison, who make music together as Mear, returned this year and promised fans a new album. The upcoming LP is named Soft Chains and is expected to arrive on April 21. Recently, the Canadian duo released a new single called “Second Sight” — it being the follow-up to “The Order“. About the new offering, Mear noted: “This song is about someone who is grappling with a memory that holds them back. It’s about a confrontation and making it out on the other side.

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LNDN – “Life Like That”

LNDN is an exciting pop newcomer hailing from Vancouver Island, Canada. The artist’s newest single “Life That That” is a dreamy and exquisite piece showcasing his minimalistic style. The song invites us to LNDN’s mind, delving into one’s pursuit of their dreams. It was produced by Landon Doell and mix/mastered by Adam Buckley. “Like Like That” was paired with an equally evocative music video.

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KINGS – “boy.”

At last, fans got their hands on pop princess KINGS‘ debut album, boy tears. Three tracks long, the project is out via Snafu Records. “boy tears is my way of saying, i cried over a really dumb boy, probably too much, then i realized, why the hell am i crying when i could be screaming these songs in my car at 2am. i couldn’t be more stoked to share these stories with my audience. if i can help just one person going through a heartbreak with these songs, that’s all i can ask for honestly,” reveals KINGS while talking about this EP. “boy.” is one of the songs on the project. It’s a catchy indie-pop cut.

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Alex Di Leo – “Better Place”

Late last year, Alex Di Leo released “Following Feelings“, an infectious track taken from his upcoming EP. The Florida native is back with a new song called “Better Place”. This one is just as good. About the track, Di Leo says, “I wrote/recorded ‘Better Place’ w/ my friend Phil Barnes just a couple years ago. As we recently sat in the studio and listened to some past works; We came across it and with chills running through, it hit both of us in a way it never had. After we each experienced similar ends to serious long lasting relationships over the last year, within 3 weeks of one another, it finally all made sense.

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Beck Pete – “Romantic”

“Romantic” is the latest single from Beck Pete. It follows her song “Softie” and was released in the company of an amazing visual. “Romantic” is a beautiful and thoughtful piece that fully showcases the talented singer-songwriter that Beck is. She comments, “At the risk of sounding more hippie than I choose to admit I am, haha, I think we can all agree that there’s a very nuanced beauty and romance to this life, our part in it, and how one thing always leads to another. Even if we aren’t able to access joy as a result of it all of the time, we can at the very least acknowledge that the sparkly parts are ever-present.”

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Kid Travis – “Rent Free”

Philadelphia-based singer, songwriter and producer Kid Travis complements his great talent with amazing work ethic. I mean, he always has an amazing new song out. “Rent Free” is the track we’re highlighting this time round. “Rent Free” is a trap-infused and melodic R&B/pop cut that you’ll enjoy listening to. Also, consider checking out “Strawberry Skies” and “Stay (Don’t Go)“, which are two of Travis’ standout tracks.

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Greta Isaac – “how are you not freaking out?”

With Greta Isaac expected to release a new EP titled I Think You’d Hate It Here on May 6, the British songstress continues to deliver new singles. Her latest is called “how are you not freaking out?”. This one was released together with a lovely video which Suzie Walsh co-directed alongside Greta. “how are you not freaking out?” is a song about the panic arising when one becomes aware of their people-pleasing tendencies. The singer co-wrote it together with Orla Gartland and Matt Zara.

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Jack Kane – “More & More”

Jack Kane is a 21-year-old up-and-comer hailing from the UK. Out now, his debut EP, Under Your Spell, is an impressive project. “More & More”, which is one of the six tracks on the EP, got a nice visual accompaniment. “More & More” is simply gorgeous and, so is the entire body of work.

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