New Release Friday: songs out on November 19th

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Songs from Alex Di Leo, Elle Baez, Fleeder, JinxsPr0 and GAYLE, among other brilliant artists, form part of this week’s update on New Release Friday playlist. Below are details about six of those tracks.

Alex Di Leo – “Following Feelings”

“Following Feelings” by Florida-born pop artist Alex Di Leo is a hooky new song that has got me totally obsessed. Paired with a lovely video capturing that late-night-drive vibe, the song and its lyrics stemmed from a moment of reflection. “During a deep conversation with a close friend, he pointed out that I should follow what excites me. I don’t know why, but at that moment it felt clearer than ever; that I should apply that thought to all aspects of my life,” Di Leo notes. The track is lifted from a forthcoming EP expected to drop in 2022.

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TWINSICK x Tyler Mann – “Get Mine”

KESS Records is presenting a new single called “Get Mine”. The captivating EDM jam is a collaboration between Minneapolis-based production duo TWINSICK and American singer Tyler Mann. “Get Mine” is a melody-filled house/pop anthem with lots of feel-good vibes. It leans into the nostalgia of remembering one’s sacrifices and the eventual success. This is one for both radio and the dancefloor.

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Lishana x Maxwell D – “Self Love”

For her latest single named “Self Love”, British-Jamaican singer Lishana teamed up with grime legend Maxwell D. Produced by Yomi brasko, the song is a brilliant blend of R&B and Caribbean dancehall. “Self Love” is an anthem against negative energy and was released alongside a colourful and befitting visual. About it, Lishana explains, “this song is so close to my heart because it is very important in this modern society that we live in to always feel self-love within ourselves, no matter what negativity people throw at you. People watch what we do and how we do things, and very sadly, rather than spreading love, there are so many trolls out there who want to bring you down for doing you! But if you have been blessed with something unique to offer to the world, who has the right to come and curse that blessing by throwing shade in an attempt to make you feel doubtful about yourself”.

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With Gion warming up for the release of his upcoming third EP, the Italian-born Canadian singer-songwriter shares “RUIN IT FOR THE NEXT ONE”. This is an infectious, upbeat and guitar-driven pop song brimming with thoughtful and contemplative lyrics. “It’s this intentional promise to one’s self, that no matter how hurt or badly your previous experience and relationship might have been, you won’t allow wounds of the past to compromise a hope for a future,” remarks Gion. The single is the conclusion to trilogy of EPs that were written about a relationship punctuated by love and heartbreak.

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Kadebostany x Valeria Stoica – “Wild in Secret”

Swiss producer Kadebostany is back with another innovative piece called “Wild in Secret’. Featuring vocals of Moldovan singer Valeria Stoica, its production blends elements of folk with with modern electronic music. The result is a groovy dance-pop track laden with lovely harmonies. Kadenbostany accompanied the record with an engrossing artistic visual.

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HBz x Anna Grey x Agent Zed – “Aloha Hey”

Producer Agent Zed is making his debut with the single, “Aoha Hey”. A rework of the 1991 German hit “Aloha Heja He”, this release saw him team up with German production duo HBz and singer Anna Grey. Generally, “Aloha Hey” is euphoric house tune with quite an inviting guitar melody. Anna’s beautiful and warm vocals make the song even more irresistible.

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