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Sophia Fracassi – “I Lied”

18-year-old singer/songwriter Sophia Fracassi debuted a year with the single, “Wish I Never Met You”. Once again leaning into honesty, the young Canadian created beautiful a new track called “I Lied”. “It’s okay not to know what to do next, it’s okay not to be sure who to trust, or if you can even fully trust yourself. This song was written from the centre of the storm, but I got out, and I want every listener to know there is always, always hope, so long as you choose it,” notes Fracassi. While absorbing the powerful message, you’ll find yourself also marveling at the singer’s vocal prowess.

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Meresha – “Trouble”

Pop singer Meresha has just unveiled a new single she’s named “Trouble”. She did link up with director David Rousseau to create the cinematic video accompanying the track. “Trouble” is a playful electro pop track about the need to let loose. Meresha remarks: “In the ‘Trouble’ video you meet me walking through a more colorful part of town when I’m stopped and introduced to a club called ‘Trouble’. Turns out, this is exactly what I needed.”

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Nick Leng – “Morning / Midnight”

LA-based South African artist Nick Leng has returned with new music. Out on SOTA Records, the offering is a double-single carrying “Morning / Midnight” (the A-side) and “My Mind is a Mess in the Morning”( the B-Side). From composition to delivery, both tracks are mesmerizing. “I’ve always had trouble writing quotes that summarize songs. It feels like the words can put songs in boxes, and possibly snuff out any personal interpretation a listener might have. In a similar way, when I was finished with ‘My Mind is a Mess in the Morning,’ and was thinking about releasing it as a single, it really excited me to pair it with ‘Morning / Midnight.’ They’re equally important to me, and, one might say, quite different. together, I felt like they painted a better picture of what I’m trying to say. ‘My Mind is a Mess in the Morning’ was written while I was living in Topanga in a trailer park which, subsequently, (and arguably hilariously) became rat infested prompting a hasty departure. ‘Morning / Midnight’ was started there as well one late night when I was chopping up a classical piano improvisational piece I had recorded, on a sampler…,” says Nick.

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Nuela Charles – “Awakening”

Soul/pop songstress Nuela Charles is back with an energetic track called “Awakening”. With a production so buoyant, the song feels fresh. “Awakening” utilizes Nuela’s powerful voice to deliver an empowering message. Speaking about it, the artist noted: “’Awakening’ is as much about the evolution, as it is about the arrival. That feeling of ‘I’m here. This is me. Take it or leave it.’ It’s about re-awakening that fiery spirit within, that we can diminish for the sake of others sometimes… So, strive for more. Dream big and don’t take no for an answer. Sharks will inevitably circle. And everyone has an opinion. But I realized that just like diamonds, nothing’s stronger than a woman.

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Dana Williams – “Change”

“Change” is the newest release from Los Angeles singer Dana Williams. The silky-smooth song captures the best of her passion-drenched soulful vocals. “‘Change’ is about coming to a realization that the person you were in a relationship with wants you to change. They aren’t in love with you at all, but an idealized version of your potential. It’s about breaking free from the confines of their judgment and being comfortable again in your own skin and in your own routine,” Dana says about the new song. She paired “Change” with a lovely, leopard-print themed visual.

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