New Release Friday: songs out on April 8th

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Here is the latest in our weekly roundup series, New Release Friday. Songs by Lostboycrow, Michèle Ducray and Amanda Ayala, among other exciting artists, form part of this week’s roundup. You can listen to the whole playlist on Spotify.

TAPS x Julia Temos – “Taste of You”

For his second release, UK producer TAPS returns to the musicTap label with a new single called “Taste of You”. The song features Melbourne, Australia-based singer Julia Temos. His debut offering “Love Is A Saviour” arrived last September and was a huge hit. With “Taste of You”, TAPS crafted a vibrant track which Julia fills with her passionate vocals and yearnful lyrics. This is a song that deserves some space in your playlist.

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Brenzy – “brunch”

LA-based singer Brenzy is all about fun weekends in her new single, “brunch”. The follow-up to her song “180”, this bouncy R&B track highlights the artist’s soulful vocals. On “brunch”, Brenzy idealizes a Sunday spent with her girlfriends. She wrote the song alongside Albert Posis, with producers Jesse Barrera and Patrick Hizon also getting songwriting credits.

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Lostboycrow – “Chewed Up”

Lostboycrow keeps captivating us with his left-of-center pop. His newest offering “Chewed Up” is a beautiful pop-rock song steeped in nostalgia. Lostboycrow paired this song with an evocative visual. About this video, he says: “I enjoy being on sets and I’ve had the pleasure of being on some really special ones. This video was no exception. I love the way it turned out, I think it looks great and represents the song in a way that’s really exciting to me (Nicole crushed it). But I remember having this profound sense of success before we even finished filming, simply because we were all having fun at our jobs that day.

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Michèle Ducray – “Manifesto”

Michèle Ducray‘s second single is here and it’s a spellbinding piece of dark pop which came paired with a cinematic visual. The song is called “Manifesto”. Its production melds electronic beats with arresting synths. Exhibiting the artist’s powerful vocals, the song tells a horror story that challenges our sense of perception versus reality. The video was directed by Shae Sterling.

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Orrin – “My Bad”

Orrin is an artist possessed with the consciousness of a cyborg sent by an advanced civilization so as to warn humans about an impending apocalypse. He exists as a collective, referring to himself as ‘we’ and was highlighted in an episode of Dr Phil. Maintaining a brand heavy on visual imagery, he got to take us into his fantastical world in a new animated video, “My Bad”. The alt-hip hop track is sonically innovative.

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A Beacon School – “Dot”

Dream pop artist A Beacon School breaks his three-year-hiatus with the release of a new single, “Dot”. A Beacon School is the solo project by New York-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Patrick J. Smith. His last release was the magnificent, 2019 album, Cola. He has celebrated his return with a live gig in Brooklyn (April 8). About “Dot”, the artist explains, “‘Dot’ is a song about seeing patterns in your life emerge but feeling helpless to change them. The song oscillates between these moments of unfiltered wonder and inspiration, and the immediate skepticism that follows them.”

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Ludic – “Instabeat”

Canadian alt-pop trio Ludic are back with a new tune they named “Instabeat”. While this is an upbeat and infectious track, it’s immensely thought-provoking. In it, the group delves into the sometimes overly consuming effect of one’s success. “I think we wanted listeners to question their own ideas around success and what it means to them personally,” notes songwriter, Max Cunningham. “That maybe we focus on statistics a bit too much where there is more meaning in other things.”

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Liv Hanna – “Rebound”

With a musician father, Long Island, New York-raised artist Liv Hanna grew up surrounded by music. She began studying piano at the age of 8, her songwriting skills strengthening over the years. Liv’s newest song “Rebound” is a refreshing piece of R&B-influenced pop. She paired the record with a stunning video shot in Miami. “‘Rebound’” tells the story of a young guy breaking up with his girlfriend as she attempts in vain to warn his rebound fixation of what is coming her way. Lyrically speaking, ‘Rebound’ is truthful but sarcastic, and the salty tone highlights her frustration with her ex-boyfriend and his selfish actions. The ex- girlfriend (me) informs his new conquest that she is merely a ‘rebound love’ from her past relationship, and that she should be careful jumping in so fast with someone only looking to put another notch on their belt,” she says.

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Kaeley Jade – “Ego”

Unhealthy relationships can leave one emotionally drained. In her new song “Ego”, Canadian artist Kaeley Jade vulnerably explores this. Kaeley’s powerful voice heightens the emotive feeling evoked by her poignant lyrics. Of the indie-pop track, the singer-songwriter reveals: “I wrote ‘Ego’ after a particularly rough night at a party, and I wanted to explore how toxic relationships can impact our mental health. This one goes out to all those struggling to find closure.”

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Amanda Ayala – “Doin’ Better”

Pop artist Amanda Ayala tackles social anxiety in her new single, “Doin’ Better”. She penned it taking inspiration from her personal experiences. The brooding lyrics aside, “Doin’ Better” sounds refreshingly upbeat. Its synth pop sound, paired with Amanda’s lovely vocals, will keep listeners engaged.

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Lena Sue x Brickfield – “The Other Night”

Cologne-based German-American singer Lena Sue has just shared a new song, “The Other Night”. Teaming up with production duo Brickfield, they created a fun anthem for the dancefloor. “The Other Night” recalls a night of undeniable chemistry. You’ll feel Lena’s sultry delivery blending nicely with the track’s energetic production.

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