alayna unveils new song, “Just So You Won’t Be Alone”

alayna now has the Nettwerk team in her corner. The New Zealand sensation recently signed to the label and then released the track “Just So You Won’t Be Alone”.

A showcase of the Auckland-based artist’s impressive vocal range, “Just So You Won’t Be Alone” is a splendid creation melding R&B and pop elements. Generally, the track’s moody production complements alayna’s lyrics.

‘Just So You Won’t Be Alone’ was written a bit in a fantasy, where I give myself power to stand up for myself,” she explains. “I’m a really passive person so I can never let anger boil for too long. I even falter with my power halfway through the song and doubt myself and my conviction. It’s a few minutes of trying to wrangle with the complicated feelings of loving someone, trying to love myself, wanting to feel powerful, wanting to forgive, wanting to forget. It’s a short and sharp flame that ignites in a blaze of defensiveness and cools into self-awareness and sadness just as quickly. It’s quite different for me, and just another piece of my humanness.

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