Here is Niia’s new album titled OFFAIR: Mouthful of Salt

Los Angeles-based jazz vocalist, pianist and producer Niia released her new album OFFAIR: Mouthful of Salt on April 8.

The LP had been preceded by singles such as “Wreck Dive”, “The Body Keeps Score” featuring Superposition and “I Left My Juul in Monterey”.

Niia’s previous body of work, If I Should Die, dropped mid last year.

This new album feels ambient and cinematic. OFFAIR: Mouthful of Salt is 13 tracks long and finds the artist at her most intuitive.

Highlighted above is “The Body keeps Score”, a more upbeat song about which Niia says: “I have tattoos on my body that keep a tally of failed relationships, people or things I’ve lost, reminding me that time is precious. My body is branded with my failures and losses to make me stronger. If there’s a club at the bottom of the ocean, I’d play this there.

You can follow Niia on Instagram for prompt updates in the future, especially those concerning her upcoming live shows.


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