ANNA VEE reveals “Shooting Me Down”, her song with Futuristic

“Shooting Me Down” is the first single from Ukrainian-born Swedish artist ANNA VEE‘s upcoming debut EP. The electro pop song features a verse by US rapper Futuristic.

A great tune, “Shooting Me Down” was produced by Steven Langs.

On the track, Anna says: “Even though ‘Shooting Me Down’ is a song about heated love that I wrote years ago, I can’t ignore the fact that the title feels relevant today considering all the horrible things going on in the world right now… I was born in Ukraine and though the intention of the song never was about war I still hope it can give some kind of comfort to all people suffering. That is why I’m donating all my cut from the royalties directly to the victims in the war.”

Listen to the song, sample other releases from ANNA VEE and follow the artist on Instagram.


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