Ruelle is back with a new song, “In It”

Nashville-based artist Ruelle unveiled a new single, “In It”, last Friday. The gorgeous electro pop track arrived paired with an intriguing visualizer.

“In It” is taken from Ruelle’s forthcoming album which is set to be released later this year.

She teamed up with songwriters Tofer Brown, Daniella Mason and Robert Marvin to pen this piece.

This song is about committing to do the work in relationships, whether it be friendships, marriages, etc. It’s about being ‘In It’ for good, whatever that looks like. I’m a loyalist, so this song speaks directly to my personality. It resonates pretty deeply with me. Sonically, it’s also more upbeat and energetic than a lot of songs I’ve written in the past, so I’m really excited to share that part of me with my fans,” says Ruelle.

Be sure to follow the artist on Instagram so as to stay updated.


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