Etaoin and Tadhg Daly stay affectingly honest on “Not Over You”

“Not Over You” is an emotional duet pairing Irish singer-songwriter Etaoin and “Winter in LA” singer Tadhg Daly. The single was released via MADE Records.

“Not Over You” finds the two complementing each other lyrically before uniting for the explosive chorus.

“It’s about two people that have drifted away from one another, without ever being able to stop loving each other. I think there is a really honest and delicate energy in the track and I’m so proud of what we came up with,” says Daly about the song.

Etaoin adds: “It’s about the different perspectives that come with break ups. Saying you shouldn’t talk but still getting a rush when they call you and picking up regardless. Getting yourself in sticky situationships for no other reason than you’re a blind optimist. It’s about words left unsaid and how sometimes the hardest breakups are the ones where there’s still a huge amount of love there, it just wasn’t strong enough to keep you together.

Connect with the artists on Instagram: Etaoin || Tadhg Daly


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