Stream ELIS NOA’s debut album, I Was Just About To Leave

Elisa Godino and Aaron Hader make up ELIS NOA. Having impressed fans and critics alike with their unique amalgam of sounds, the Vienna-based outfit got to deliver their debut album. They named that LP I Was Just About To Leave.

About the 11-track LP, the duo explains, “I Was Just About To Leave is a concept album. We wanted to describe the process of letting go and the journey that comes with that. Each song of the album musically explores every step of that process, from moments of resistance all the way to acceptance. Letting go of a person, a job, a friendship, an idea or a fantasy, doesn’t happen in a singular moment. It usually takes time, there is a lot of back and forth that happens before you decide to move and maybe open up for something new. I Was Just About To Leave is a sentence many of us use to calm ourselves, even though we know it’s still a long road ahead.”

Highlighted above is the music video for “Mad About You”, one of the songs on album.

Yo can stream the whole project and follow ELIS NOA on Instagram.


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