Pop music roundup: 10 songs you need to listen to right now

June’s pop roundup is here. The team did select ten songs that we feel suit your playlist(s). Artists include Meltt, Fulton Lee and NEAVV.

MisterWives – “Easy”

A couple of weeks ago, indie-pop band MisterWives released a new double-single. The two tracks on it are called “Easy” and “Where Do We Go From Here?”, with the former being accompanied with an engrossing visual. To start with with, “Easy” is quite an exceptional tune. From its simple yet meaningful lyrics and memorable hook, to the creamy vocals and addictive melodies, the song feels so euphoric. “Easy” / “Where Do We Go From Here?” is out via Photo Finish Records in collaboration with the band’s imprint, Resilient Little Records.

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Meltt – “It Could Grow Anywhere”

Indie-electro specialists Meltt are back with their latest. The band called this song “It Could Grow Anywhere”, it being the follow-up to “Within You, Within Me”. This new offering is an alternative indie-pop song with synth pop influences. “It Could Grow Anywhere” is about the unexpected and amazing outcome of falling in love…over an online app. The song deals with the initial feelings of doubt that come with meeting a loved one in a seemingly meaningless way, but after some time, coming to realize that the origin has no real impact on the relationship and love in itself.

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Fleur Rouge – “Cold Feet”

Born in London but raised in France, Fleur Rouge‘s eclectic cultural influences come to play in her music. The newcomer’s new song, “Cold Feet”, exemplifies her sound. This alternative-leaning dark-pop track bears influences from synth-pop. Released with a befitting visual, the single is lifted from the artist’s upcoming EP, What Makes You Think I Care?.

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Fulton Lee – “Be Somebody”

“Be Somebody” is the latest single from Nashville-based retro soul/pop singer Fulton Lee. The dance-inducing track was paired with a colourful music video directed by Garret Hayes. It carries lighthearted vibes typical of Lee’s fresh sound. “Be Somebody” is the second cut from his forthcoming full-length, Sonny Boy. Fulton comments, “‘Be Somebody’ is about breaking free from mental prisons of addiction and obsession. I used to have an unhealthy relationship with my art and career. My self worth and mental well being was so tied to the success or failure of my art that I was becoming unstable.”

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DANA – “Future Daughters”

Rising Swiss pop singer DANA recently released her second single of the year. It is called “Future Daughters” and, like the previous one, was given a nice visual treatment. “Future Daughters” is a fun pop anthem about freedom and danger. It’s the title-track of an album that DANA is readying.

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emlyn – “Temporary Funeral”

On June 10, sensational alt-pop singer-songwriter emlyn released her debut album titled loneliest b!tch in america. On it are ten excellent tracks, including “temporary funeral”. This one is a synth-driven and fiercely exuberant pop song. The song — and the whole album — showcases emlyn’s bold and confident songwriting.

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AVES x Conal Kelly – “The Seasons”

Aves are a band hailing from the Finnish capital, Helsinki. Their newest single, “The Seasons”, is a collaboration with singer Conal kelly. It’s a dance-pop track filled with arresting synths and, overall, a summery feel. The song is about getting someone toxic out of one’s life. Aves remarked: “An idea that started 10 years ago, with many twists and turns on the way it has finally come into fruition with Conal Kelly’s amazing performance.”

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NEAVV – “Want You”

The release of “Want You” marks the return of Canadian alt-pop singer and producer NEAVV; the artist last released in 2018. “Want You” is a dark song stemming from the conflicting emotions NEAVV experienced at the end of a relationship (she had to deal with a partner who was not being honest). This emotional piece is the first which the artist wrote, recorded and produced on her own. And it’s so gripping!

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Caj Flow – No Minimum”

“No Minimum” is a pop-inflected rap song by Canadian producer and songwriter, Caj Flow. The fun and playful song features Toronto artist Goodnight Cassius. Generally, it is a melodic, catchy and generally lighthearted song which can fit into multiple playlists. “No Minimum” was mixed and mastered by carrotymusic.

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Jelly Crystal – “Lonely”

Swedish artist Jelly Crystal finally got to release his new EP called ILY. The project arrived alongside the focus-track “Lonely”. “Lonely” is a beautiful, laidback song. Sonically, the EP combines R&B with pop to create mesmerizing music. Crystal notes, “This is the closest I’ve come to how I want it to sound like, I almost wish that my debut album sounded like this. It’s simply better songs, different arrangements and we recorded it live from the studio, which automatically made it more organic and melancholy!

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