Stream Benjamin Carter’s new EP, Black Boys On The Radio: Part I

Benjamin Carter is a singer-songwriter who was born in Florida. Aipate first featured him in 2019 when he released his his EP, Self_Portrait Vol 1.

The artist has continued to grow, both personally and musically. His newest EP is called Black Boys on the Radio: Part I. It carries 5 songs, including the melodious title-track.

Speaking about this project, Carter said: “The song and project can be summed up almost entirely based off the very first line in the song ‘Black Boys on the Radio.’ The first line says ‘she says black boys always play on the radio, I said, ‘its strange how you listen but don’t have time to watch me grow.’ As a Black Man in America Benjamin Carter wants to point out the disparity in how American culture seems to praise the athlete and artist and actor who is black and in entertainment, yet many who look just like them are being stereotyped, marginalized, face various prejudices that keep them this way. It’s not enough to pay the actor, rapper, or athlete and say ‘look we aren’t racist’ we must each – black, white, latin, asian – etc be vulnerable and willing to own up to our mistakes and look for ways to grow. This is why the chorus sings ‘and I know if I cry it’ll make you stay, so please don’t, please dont run away.’

Stream the whole EP and connect with Benjamin Carter on Instagram.


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