Pop music roundup: 10 songs that should be on your playlist

RARIA – “Kill You Boy”

Rising Melbourne singer RARIA has a new single named “Kill You Boy”. It is a fun, buoyant pop track about bringing your partner to meet your overprotective family. RARIA wrote the song as a lighthearted warning. In the accompanying visual, she cast her Italian extended family. RARIA says, “When thinking of the video concept for ‘Kill You Boy’, I knew that I HAD to use my OG family. I had so much fun directing my family in the visuals, we basically just had a normal family dinner… I don’t think anybody was even acting! I think that anyone watching will get a pretty accurate insight into how things usually go down. My good friend Angus Legg played the role of the ‘nice guy’ that I bring home to meet my parents and he was so perfect for the role and nailed it. Thrifting for everyone’s outfits in this video was a huge highlight and so much fun and my friend Nathan Smart did such a great job with the visuals.

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Pure Shores – “Light Of My Life”

Pure Shores are a songwriting/production duo comprising of Swedish of artists and longtime friends Ji Nilsson and Marlene. Back in March, they released an EP called Nightfall Feelings. Now, they providing upbeat summer vibes on their new single, “Light Of My Life”. This is a dance-pop anthem with an alluring 80’s retro vibe. About the song, Pure Shores said: “With so much darkness in the world, we wanted to write a song about finding your light, whether that’s with a person or anything that sparks joy. Sometimes one person enters your life and suddenly things begin to feel possible again. We all need that type of light in our lives.”

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Nick Kandler – “Kill You Slowly”

Los Angeles-based artist and producer Nick Kandler is an exciting newcomer. He crooner recently released a new single called “Kill You Slowly”. The indie-pop is catchy yet sad, with the lyrics describing the moment one realizes that they’ve messed up in a relationship. “I was in the midst of seeing someone new and things started off great. Then I told a little white lie to her face and it inspired this song,” Nick explains, whose delivery is full of fervour.

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Emily James – “Cannonball”

With her new EP around the corner, Los Angeles offered fans another taste of what to expect. The new single, “Cannonball”, was released in the company of an exquisite visual. “Cannonball” is a lush pop cut. “I’ve written a lot of songs about the nuances of love, including the fear and inner-conflict and heartbreak that often comes along with it. ‘Cannonball’ is special to me because it’s the first song I’ve written that is simply about how euphoric it feels to fall in love and the experience of being in a moment and wanting to stay in it forever. It’s really just a song that celebrates love and feels like summertime,” said James. The upcoming EP is titled Illuminate and arrives on July 15.

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Haiden – “Wasted”

Emerging pop singer Haiden‘s newest offering is an anti-love ballad called “Wasted”. Co-written with Emei, the track was produced by Haiden’s frequent collaborator Barry Fowler. “Wasted” is the third single from his upcoming debut EP, Good Grief!. I love the lyrics, delivery and the production which blends enchanting guitar melodies with booming trap beats.

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Mercer – “Strangers”

“Strangers” is Californian singer Mercer‘s second and latest single. Having teased the track on TikTok, she realized it resonated with listeners. The inspiration for “Strangers” came to Mercer (also known as Mercer Henderson) from a conversation reflecting on changing relationships. She then recorded it with a team of producers: Stephen Dawes, Lucas Sim, Cameron Hale and Joe Avio. “Stranger” is a great song from an artist with so much potential.

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D.E.L – “Feeling”

“Feeling” is a new song by the de la Hoyde brothers, who are together known as D.E.L. With this, the Australian sibling trio continue their forray into house music. Great vocals and brilliant production are once again on display as D.E.L craft a moody banger. “’Feeling’ came together fairly quickly when the three of us got together in the studio. We wanted to continue to push the electronic house agenda as we have on our most recent tracks, whilst keeping elements of pop and experimental instrumentation,” comments Timm de la Hoyde.

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Alice Merton – “The Other Side”

German-born singer-songwriter Alice Merton released her sophomore album S.i.d.e.s. on July 17. The focus-track “The Other Side” arrived accompanied with a stunning video. “The Other Side” is a blissful pop number filled with synth melodies and fiery vocals. “The last two years have been challenging for everyone in some way or another,” the sensational artist noted. “Friends and family were lost, lockdowns were enforced, and our mental strength had been tested to its limit. S.I.D.E.S. tells the story of what I experienced during this time.There’s never one reason, or one solution, or one side of a story. Life is so multifaceted, it’s never black-and-white. Sometimes you feel trapped in a certain mindset and some things seem impossible to overcome, but that’s just one side of it. Once you start seeing the different sides of yourself and of the world around you, you realize that everything becomes a little less daunting.”

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Katrina Ford – “I’m Found”

Singer-songwriter Katrina Ford dropped her self-titled debut EP late last month. Released via the label Violin Films, it’s the artist’s debut solo EP. “I’m Found”, one of the tracks on the project, is worth highlighting. “I’m Found” is a truly ethereal pop track. Speaking about this piece, Katrina noted: “Home in my heart at last! This song was written as one thought over the course of a few hours, later the details fell into place. It’s about finally feeling safe in your heart. Feeling a connection to Creator. After much adversity and a long hard few years, we finally felt like we had found level.”

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Meg Mac – “Letter”

Australia’s Meg Mac is back with another gripping ballad. Named “Letter”, it finds the artist delivering heartfelt lyrics alongside a gorgeous piano melody. As usual, her hauntingly beautiful vocals will leave you stunned. “Letter” is lifted from Meg’s forthcoming album, Matter of Time. That album is scheduled for a September 15 release.

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