Che Aimee Dorval reveals new video, “Blood Red Son”

Vancouver, Canada-based artist Ché Aimee Dorval released a brand new single called “Blood Red Son” on August 18. It is a gorgeous indie-electro track and the first single from Ché’s forthcoming album, The Crowned.

“Blood Red Son” arrived with a riveting music video directed by Aaron Nathanson.

The video for ‘Blood Red Son’ is a fever dream of indecision, regret and resolve,” Ché remarked. “It’s about the moment you realize you have a choice to make, and all the different conflicting emotions that compete for space in your head while doing so. That’s the important bit though. However chaotic and difficult the choice may be, it’s essential for people to have the ability to make it for themselves. When I wrote this song and made this video, the right to that choice, though constantly under attack, still seemed set in stone, at least in my country. Now, as I watch the world stride backwards, I’m realizing more and more that we can’t take these things for granted. Freedom over our bodies is not a given.”

Ché’s upcoming album, The Crowned, was inspired by her love of trip hop, folktronica and soul. The LP was co-written and produced by Bob Rock.

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