Stream Axel Flóvent’s You Stay by the Sea (Deluxe)

Icelandic singer-songwriter Axel Flóvent recently released the deluxe version of his 2021 debut album, You Stay by the Sea.

This 19-track collection includes an original song called “Tomorrow Will Be Gone”. It is a deeply ruminative indie-folk ballad.

Flòvent says, “‘Tomorrow Will Be Gone’ is about wasting time and fear of wasting time. I often catch myself in a loop of promises, emotions, things I want to approve in my life and I more often than not stop at the same gate of difficulties and repeat the mantra ‘It’s not my best, I’ll try to improve next time’ instead of ‘I did my best and will continue to improve,’ which are two different sides of the same coin. ‘Tomorrow Will Be Gone’ is a reminder to change your perspective and not the self.

Listen to You Stay by the Sea (Deluxe) below via Spotify and then connect with Axel Flóvent on Instagram.


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