Pop music roundup: 8 songs to listen to right now

ari hicks, Jeffrey James and Sam Tompkins are some of the artists whose songs make Aipate‘s latest pop music roundup. Check out the tunes and consider adding them to your playlist.

earth2zoe – “amnesia”

earth2zoe is a new name in the Toronto pop music scene. The young Canadian singer-songwriter can be heard flexing her vocals on a new song named “amnesia”. This is an electro pop track with crisp production and influences from trap music. Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Zoe shares, “‘Amnesia’ is about someone that came into your life and just turned it upside down. The song talks about having a relationship so bad you want no memories of it so the least they can do is give you amnesia.

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ari hicks – “Midas”

ari hicks has been on an impressive run lately. She recently shared “Midas”, the first single taken from her upcoming EP, It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 2. “Midas” has now been accompanied by a golden visual directed by Nicole Davis. The song was magnificently done, from lyrics to production. ari notes, “The story of Midas is a cautionary tale, the perfect example of the phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’. I’m someone that has a hard time convincing myself not to dwell, and has an even harder time pulling myself out of it once there. This song is representative of that moment of peace in letting something go and turning into something that no longer hinders you but strengthens you. Like I said, there’s beauty in chaos, I’d love to encourage more and more people to find it for themselves.

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Jeffrey James – “Beautiful Ones”

Pop artist Jeffrey James presents “Beautiful Ones”, his newest offering and the lead single from his upcoming EP. That forthcoming project is scheduled to be released in 2023. With its glistening melodies, “Beautiful Ones” is an exuberant, feel-good cut. The Brett Truitt-produced song is all about positive vibes. Jeffrey explains, “It was a damn near perfect, sunny day outside and Brett has an open and bright studio. It was the perfect vibe to write about feeling confident and careless, and thriving with your friends.”

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Kendra Dantes x Soulplusmind x Moana A – “Mad Woman”

“Mad Woman” is a gripping piece of cinematic dark pop. Created as a collaboration bringing together Filipino-American producer Soulplusmind and singer-songwriters Kendra Dantes and Moana A, “Mad Woman” oozes confidence and a spirit of female empowerment. The singers’ vocals are embedded smoothly into the track’s spellbinding soundscape. “Mad Woman” is totally riveting. I love the melodies and synths.

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Sam Tompkins – “lose it all”

Sam Tompkins released a new single called “lose it all” last Thursday. The emotionally overwhelming piece is the first single from the Brighton-based Brit’s much awaited debut album. “lose it all” is a touching piano ballad. Sam says the song is “about letting that special someone know you appreciate them before it’s too late. Something I never want to have to experience the wrong side of…

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Aleks Grey x Iselin – “Five Minutes”

“5 Minutes” is a powerful duet by Scandinavian artists Aleks Grey and Iselin. The mellow and heartfelt ballad is about the moment all you want to do is mute the negative stuff around you and just spend time with your significant other. It’s such a beautiful and meticulously penned piece. Aleks and Iselin are both based in Islo city, Norway.

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GAYLE x blackbear – “fmk”

18-year-old sensation GAYLE‘s sophomore EP, a study of the human experience volume two, already has a release date. The project will arrive October 7 via Atlantic Records/Arthouse Records. GAYLE did release a new single she called “fmk”. The song features blackbear and was released alongside a nice animated visual.

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Pink Skies x xkylar – “Nickels”

“Nickels” by Pink Skies and xkylar is a truly irresistible tune. The track was released last Friday. It arrived just before Pink Skies joined The Knocks and Cannons on a US tour (see dates here). Thanks to its sweet, laidback groove, “Nickels” is so enjoyable.

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