Listen: Sound of Fractures x Scott Quinn – “No One Knows Me Like You”

“No One Knows Me Like You” is a new release from UK producer Jamie Reddington (also known as Sound of Fractures) that saw him team up with singer-songwriter and fellow countryman Scott Quinn. The gorgeous track takes you on an emotional journey.

Offering details behind the creative process leading to this piece, Sound of Fractures said: “Scott was the first artist I ever produced a song for under the name Sound of Fractures, so ‘No One Knows Me Like You’ is the perfect song for my first release with vocal collaboration. We have made some really amazing music together that has never seen the light of day which is one of the challenges of being an artist we both struggle with: what happens to all the emotions that we lay bare in the studio on a day to day? So we are both really excited to share this song with the world.

Scott Quinn adds: “Love is a mirror, whether platonic or romantic. It’s this aspect of intimacy that a lot of us find so daunting; the idea that someone could ever accept us for who we REALLY are. Warts and all. This song explores that journey of doubt, vulnerability and ultimately the quest for acceptance…not from our partners but from ourselves.

Listen to the song and follow Sounds of Fractures and Scott Quinn on Instagram.


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