Pop music roundup: 9 new songs to listen to

Crystal Murray – “Like it Nasty”

Crystal Murray is an emerging 19-year-old French singer-songwriter. The Paris-based newcomer recently showcased her wild energy in a song called “Like It Nasty”. The track, together with its music video, feels earthy. Musically, “Like It Nasty” combines R&B and electronic sounds to create a raw cut for the dancefloor.

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Dominik Klein – “Sweet Thing”

German pop sensation Dominik Klein got to unveil his debut project; an EP titled Reflections. Released via neon rabbit, the mini-album proves that the young singer-songwriter surely does stand out in a crowded music scene. “Sweet Thing”, which we’re highlighting here, is one of the tracks on the EP. It’s a sugary pop piece that sees Dominik serenading his ‘favourite person’.

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inch – “do i, do i”

Singaporean artist inch recently released her latest single “do i, do i” via Where Are The Fruits. The song came paired with an awesome lyric video. “do i, do i” touches on the intoxicating feeling of being in a toxic relationship. It is about the roller-coaster of emotions experienced and the ultimate decision to walk away and regain control. The production on this track is amazing, with its beats and synths creating rhythms and melodies that will keep you captivated.

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Pool – “Everything Is Not Yet Lost”

German 4-piece band Pool returned with the single “Everything Is Not Yet Lost”. It is an engaging indie-dance track fusing disco and modern pop-dance. “Everything Is Not Yet Lost” is a positive song that they wrote last year at the beginning of lockdown/quarantine. The song captures a zeal that’s best is expressed on the dancefloor.

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Elaskia – “Can’t Help Loving You”

Australian singer-songwriter Elaskia‘s fourth (and latest) single is a passionate and affectionate ballad called “I Can’t Help Loving You”. The piano-guided song finds the artist embracing vulnerability as she sings about the struggles of leaving a toxic relationship. She notes, “I wrote this song after someone really let me down. They really promised a lot more than they were willing to give, and it felt like they went from being this major part of my life to literally dropping off the face of the earth. I guess the part that really frustrated me was that even though I felt extremely hurt I didn’t hate them and at the end of the day I still think the world of them, but some relationships aren’t meant to stay close and it can be a really scary thing accepting that and letting go”.

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Scott Quinn – “Hands Across The Table”

Scott Quinn is a Yorkshire born, London-based singer, songwriter and producer from the UK. Over the weekend, the pop crooner released his much-awaited debut EP named BETTER FOR ME. This project showcases his enormous talents. Highlighted is the song “Hands Across The Table”, which is a great entry point into the EP. It’s an emotive song with glossy vocals and polished production.

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Ellie Gadzos – “Fiji”

The theme of escapism dominates this debut single from Canadian artist Ellie Gadzos‘ debut single. Named “Fiji”, the song describes the desire to start life afresh on a faraway island. Ellie’s dreamy lyrics are a striking contrast to the track’s hard-hitting pop production. “Fiji” showcases the young singer’s creative confidence, fresh style and limitless potential.

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Maluma – “Sobrio”

Latin-pop mega-star Maluma is back with another hit in form of “Sobrio”. The song captures an emotional Maluma vulnerably expressing his remorse towards an ex-lover. This is well dramatized in the stunning music video accompanying the track. “Sobrio” is the first single from the artists upcoming new album.

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KØLEEN – “Remedy”

Fast-rising Austrian artist KØLEEN surely deserves the attention she is getting — and even more. Listening to her latest single “Remedy”, you get to understand why. The summery, dance-pop song is super-infectious. It is about self-determination, with the message being that you have to learn to love yourself first before you can love others. Produced by Robert Wallner, it’s so dance-inducing.

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