Dance to “Pu & jag” by Swedish-Gambian star PABI

You need to listen to this song “Du & jag” by Swedish-Gambian artist PABI. The track was co-written with Imenella and produced Lukas Nathanson.

Packed with infectious melodies, it’s a dancefloor-ready track combining Caribbean and Afrop-pop sounds.

Speaking about this tune, PABi said, “‘Du & Jag’ is a song that makes me think of the period after the honeymoon phase. When you come to a choice of path and it has to make or break. In this case, it brings me to the path where you feel that you lock out everything that can affect what you are trying to build together with the right one. ‘it’s you and me and nobody else’“.

Sing and dance along to “Pu & jag” and keep up with PABI on Instagram.


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