Alice Auer shares new song, “Greek Street”

Whenever UK singer-songwriter Alice Auer and Conor Albert collaborate, they create magic. That’s the exact case with Alice’s new single which was produced by Albert (the two artists are part of the roster at London-based label, Young Poet).

The track is called “Greek Street” and was written by Alice together with James Smith. It is is a warm and fuzzy indie/alt pop song.

“I wrote ‘Greek Street’ in a day with my lovely friend and very talented musician/producer, James Smith. Story wise, ‘Greek Street’ was inspired by the first date my boyfriend and I went on together, at Jazz After Dark in Soho, London. I wanted to create some contrast in the song emotionally and musically, so we wrote the lyrics from the perspective of someone who had that relationship, that experience, that romance – but lost it and longs to have it back. We then took the bones of the song to Conor and let him work his magic.”

You can’t help but play this song on repeat. At least, that’s my experience with this “Greek Street”.

Anyway, you can connect with Alice Auer on Instagram.


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