Gold Spectacles wish to go “Anywhere Else”

Here is another single from British indie duo Gold Spectacles. Called “Anywhere Else”, the song arrives as the third official leak from the band’s upcoming EP, More Heart than Sense.

Back in August, Gold Spectacles shared the album, Gold Spectacles Director’s Cut. The planned new EP is expected to be released later in May, 2022.

Back to “Anywhere Else”, it’s a catchy and playful song that incorporates synths, a Spanish guitar and organ. The sweet melodies and energetic bassline make it both chill and danceable.

Gold Spectacles say, “We wrote ‘Anywhere Else’ on a trip to Barcelona, our first time abroad since the pandemic, because we didn’t want to go home. We borrowed a guitar and recorded all the parts on our phones with a rough sketch of the vocal line. Over the following days, we pieced together the lyrics in tapas bars and on the metro. The desire to leave everything mundane behind was overwhelming and the thought of running away never looked so good. As soon as we got back to London, we went straight to the studio to finish it. We ended up keeping some of the Spanish guitar we recorded on the voice memos so we don’t forget the tapas and Cava anytime soon.

The song has been added to our newly created vacation playlist, Views and Sips.

Connect with Gold Spectacles on Instagram.


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