Tom Ashby unveils debut album, Lamplighter

The debut album by Scottish singer-songwriter Tom Ashby dropped last Friday. The LP is called Lamplighter and was released on the label Dance To The Radio.

The music video for lead track “Running” accompanied this 10-track album. Itself, “Running” is a poignant yet upbeat folk/pop song.

About it, Tom explains, “Before becoming a musician I dreamed of being an athlete. Every weekend I would drag my parents to race after race, I was national champion at a few events and really loved it. In the end I came up short of doing running as a career, injuries took their toll and other things came to the fore. I still run every day, though not as competitively; I think I do it now as more of a form of meditation.

The album, the UK artist says, is “a sincere and touching meditation on relationships; familial and friendships, the romantic and the unspoken. Capturing snapshots of people, places and moments in time, the work beautifully illustrates the effect that a person can have on your life and reflects on how the important relationships in our lives shape us; It depicts all the people who were lamplighters in my life.”

Get to stream the entire project on Spotify below and keep u with Tom Ashby on Instagram.


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