Eric Ananda joins forces with Josh Yau for “Walking Away” single

Returning after a two-year break, Kenyan producer Eric Ananda has just shared “Walking Away”, a song which signals his new sonic direction.

The refreshing R&B/soul sound will be be fully captured in the artist’s upcoming album, Sunsets and Daydreams.

Featuring vocals by UK’s Josh Yau, this is the forthcoming LP’s first single — and an amazing one for that matter. Its immaculate production and smooth vocals have me obsessed.

Commenting about “Walking Away”, Ananda says: “It’s a song that reflects on a relationship that has come to an end. Although the song takes a wistful tone and has feelings of nostalgia, it also acknowledges that there were problems in the relationship and parting ways was ultimately for the best.

Having listened to “Walking Away”, I can’t wait for the tracks to follow.

By the way, you can connect with Eric Ananda and Josh Yau on Instagram.


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