Yael Danon releases debut album, Diary Girl, alongside “90 Days” video

Multilingual pop singer Yael Danon unveiled her 8-song debut album, Diary Girl, about a fortnight ago. Alongside that release, the 17-year old Panamanian artist revealed the music for one of the songs: “90 Days”.

With each song on Diary Girl, Yael tugs at the listener’s heartstrings with her candid lyrics. Her vocals are equally affecting.

Speaking about “90 Days”, which was produced by Tommy Torres and Joel Iglesias, the exciting newcomer says, “When Tommy Torres asked me what I wanted to talk about in this new song I wasn’t quite sure where to start. We wanted it to be personal and so the question popped up, ‘Yael, is there any guy in your life?’ I told him about my first boyfriend, the typical best-friends-to-lovers story, and how I was scared to date him because I was scared to lose a friend. So, we thought a 90 day trial for the relationship would be a good idea (it was a ridiculous one, I realize that now) and that’s how ‘90 Days’ was born.

Other tracks on Diary Girl include “Fomo”, “Summer Fling” and “Hostage”.

Stream the whole album and connect with Yael Danon on Instagram.


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