CHERISE returns with “Elixir” video

UK new-soul artist CHERISE has returned with a new single, “Elixir”. This is the follow-up to “Secrets” which she released at the beginning of March. This one, as well, arrived paired with a stunning music video.

“Elixir” is sweetly concocted; the track thrives on the singer’s honeyed vocals and irresistible melodies. CHERISE’s lyrics are bold and seductive.

The singer notes: “‘Elixir’ brings a new era…I’m sharing my desires with confidence. I’m showing you more of who I am, and experimenting with a different style of production with Lewis Moody. There’s been a lot of growth and I now feel so comfortable in my own skin.

Alongside this single, she has announced her debut album Calling which will be released on 7th July.

Watch the video and connect with CHERISE on Instagram.


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