Frank Follows have released their debut album, Flight Thoughts

An enjoyable tune, “Silver Skies” is one of the ten tracks on the debut album by Swedish trio Frank Follows. Last November, we captured the moment when the band shared their debut single, “Like You” (also part of the album).

Frank Follows called this album Flight Thoughts. With it, they captivate listeners with their refreshing take on indie-rock.

The album abounds with dreamy guitars and catchy melodies. It has a hauntingly vulnerable feel, with the tracks describing a need for escape from reality.

‘Flight Thoughts’ is a reflection of ourselves and who we have been over the past few years. The creative process has been a long roller coaster of self-exploration and a search for musical identity. It has been a journey of creative challenges in both harmony and disharmony,” the band says.

Frank Follows is made up by Adrian (vocals / guitar), Olof (keys / production) and Måns (guitar).

As you listen to the whole album, find the trio on Instagram.


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