Juliander unveils Introspection EP alongside the song “Strange”

Phenomenally gifted Swedish singer-songwriter Juliander returned on 5th May with a new project. It’s a 7-track EP aptly titled Introspection.

A project that took quite sometime to complete, Juliander says he started creating it in 2020 while in isolation. This contributes to the EP’s moody and personal feel.

 “The process of writing this EP started when the world shut down. It was a strange time where I actually found time to prioritise learning and doing things that I hadn’t focused on before. It was always a dream of mine to take an initial idea and turn it into a song by myself, and this EP was about making that a reality. As part of writing the EP I actually bought my first analog synthesizer, which was made way before I was born, and the sounds from that sparked the ideas for the whole project. The EP has been a journey of mine over the past couple of years, and I’m excited to have transformed those initial thoughts into a complete experience for listeners.”


Introspection arrived with an vocative, piano-guided focus track, “Strange”.

About this song, the artist remarks:  “’Strange’ initially had a bigger production. But I decided that its vulnerability was best portrayed by a more stripped-down version. This is the most naked song I’ve ever done. The soundscape is based around different resonances. It reflects a relationship, a continuous vibration that eventually dies out.”

As you stream the whole EP, connect with Juliander on Instagram.


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