Shy Shy Shy-“Making A Fool”

Shy Shy Shy is an Indie-Pop duo from Denmark. With their new release, “Making a Fool”, they portray the awkward agony that follows an unsuccessfully attempt to hook up with a crush. The two, Astrid Cordes and Simon Kjeldgaard, first composed a song together back in 2014 and consequently have come up with one good song after another.

This song is a follow up to the “Beautiful Boys & Girls” single which they had dropped early this year.

I believe everybody has experienced these awkward situations, where you deeply wish to leave a good impression, but instead end up falling completely through. I know I have, more often than I like to admit.” ~ Simon Kjeldgaard

Astrid Cordes elaborates: “It’s so humiliating and it feels awful.”why did I say that?” “Why didn’t I ask about that?” and “Why did I laugh so hard at my own joke?”… Suddenly it is crystal clear what you should have said and done and you’re left with a feeling of shame and a burning desire to sink into the floorboards and disappear.


Have a listen:

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