I wish I’d met the old Mejja ‘Okonkwo’ and shook his hand

By Phillip Nyalenda

Lyrical, relatable, comical and witty; Mejja’s lyrics as a solo act were well crafted and got you to listen, absorb then repeat the song. Well, that was then. Now, it’s only nostalgia that sets in whenever I hear such great pieces of art. The new, ‘bablas’ Mejja is not awe-inspiring. Though he stands out in the Kansoul trio, his lyrical presence is nothing to write home about.

Kansoul’s music is all about young women gyrating their waists as the men sip their liquor and occasionally join in the dance. Having Mejja in this mix is a waste of a great lyricist. There is more of Madtraxx vibe than Mejja’s in their records. Every song is like a stem from “Poa”.

From the street-wise “Bongo La Biashara” to the powerful ” Niko Poa” to his classic verse in “Round Hii Si Mchezo”, the boy from Majengo was deeply inspired. Maybe, it’s still in him, maybe not. I only wish I had met the Mejja and shook his hands in appreciation.


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