SVRCINA isn’t that “Insecure”. Watch her in new video

US singer/songwriter SVRCINA has dropped her new single and video, “Insecure”. This  record was produced by Super Duper, with vocal production support from Ian Keaggy. The visuals was directed by Bree Marie Fish, who does a sterling job on the clip. The Nashville-based artist, whose birth-name is Molly Svrcina, has already made a name for herself in the Western pop scene with her songs. In fact, at 13, she signed her first publishing deal.

In so many ways, I feel like the last two years, and especially 2018, have been the biggest gift to grow and begin to grab a hold of the kind of confidence ‘Insecure’ embodies. Starting in music so young, I found I’d developed some unhealthy mindsets to people-please, when all I really needed was the approval of those I deeply trust. I learned that it was okay to be myself, and to start embracing what that looks and sounds like artistically. When we finished ‘Insecure,’ it jumped out as the perfect song to creatively and visually represent the journey I’ve been on, and serve as a steering wheel for where I’m headed with my project.” ~ SVRCINA

Watch “Insecure” above.



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