Oliver Céleste returns with new single and video. Watch “Honey”

“Honey” is the song that breaks UK singer/songwriter and producer Oliver Céleste‘s two-year hiatus. Arriving accompanied by stunning visuals, it’s also the first single on his forthcoming 8-track EP, a project which is scheduled to drop in the early days of this coming summer. “Honey” is an electro-pop record that was written, produced, mixed and mastered by Oliver himself.

“The song was written about the battle I had with accepting the darker sides of myself when I was younger. Growing up in a strict religious school drilled into me what was ‘right’ and what was ‘wrong’. The lyrics are about the moment of realization I had when I realized if I was going to be my true, authentic self then I would have to scrap those rules and love the parts of me that were ‘sinful’…” ~ Oliver Céleste

Oliver Céleste, who is based out of London, debuted back in 2014 and was able to release 2 EPs and 2 albums before he took the break. This new post-return offering presents, to the listener, an improved craft and a change in sound.


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