Laura Stacy wishes to return to those “Happy Days”

Delivered in soulful vocals that adds a powerful edge to the already beautiful and reflective composition, Laura Stacy‘s new single “Happy Days” is an absolute beauty. The record, which was produced by Fuzzkill and Ondiko, is dressed in a groovy R&B tune, the result being a heartwarming and nostalgic piece. The lyrics transports the listener back to when they were ‘free’ from society’s huge expectations.

Nowadays we have so many expectations from the society; having the right job in the “perfect profession”, how we should dress, what company we should keep….We are being watched by the society everyday, shunned for some of the choices we make and celebrated for others. Don’t you ever wish to just go back to the days when you would run around without a care in the world like the child that you were?” ~ Laura


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