Some fresh House/Dance tracks to jam to [July ’19]

For a new dose of house/EDM (July ’19 edition), Aipate has selected 8 tracks that will, hopefully, fit into your playlist(s).

Dave Ramone – “Line Of Fire”

German DJ and electronic music producer Dave Ramone has, once again, stepped out with another beautiful single, “Line Of Fire”. The euphoric track, which was released via the label Kickson GmbH, will surely maintain the energy up.

Thomas Nan – “Love Me”

With his new single “Love Me”, Thomas Nan continues his streak of solid summer releases. The record was released on London-based label Panther’s Groove.

Boss Eisley – “Quasar”

Boss Eisley is an upcoming electronic/dance producer who is looking motivated to share hos creations to as many EDM fans as possible. His latest track “Quasar” is quite representative of such ambitions. Listen to the radio-cut of the vibey track above.

Luk feat. Kimberley Krump – “Don’t Cha”

For the regular Aipate reader/listener, Luk should be a recognizable name. The producer has worked on songs “Now Or Never” and “Don’t Fall For Me“, both of which saw him working with BAER, a rising pop singer. Today, we hook you up with “Don’t Cha” which features a sassy performance from vocalist Kimberley Krump.

Dominic Strike & Ez Quew -“Never Know”

Dominic Strike and Ez Quew did collaborate on the track “Never Know” and it still offers a fresh listen.

Culture Code ft RØRY – “More Than Words”

Production outfit Culture Code and singer RØRY joined forces for a record, and the result (titled “More Than Words”), is a lyrically gripping song that is also quite engaging. The track is quite chill and carries a shade of pop.

Harriet Manice“Panic Attack” (Manek Remix)

New York artist Harriet Manice‘s single “Panic Attack” got an interesting remix. The reworked version, done by Manek, is posted above. This has helped push the song an extent where dance music can now resonate/connect with the lyrics while up on their feet.

Trilane – “Believe” feat. Philip Strand

Swedish duo Trilane‘s new single (released on Protocol Recordings) comes injected with uplifting lyrical energy expressed through empowering vocals. Titled “Believe”, the emotion-conjuring progressive house track features singer Philip Strand.


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