Stream “Anyways”, the latest single by Jhyve

Canadian R&B singer Jhyve returns with another soulful jam; “Anyways” is a personal and reflective piece that the Juno Award-nominated singer/songwriter wrote following some experiences that left him feeling low. Vocally, Jhyve puts up a performances that reminds us of his previous hits like “Feel Something”, “Human” and “Keep Doing You“, songs which helped place him in a class of only a few singers. Toronto-based Jhyve has been part of the city’s R&B scene for a better pat of the decade. The release of his 2018 EP, Conversations, was, however, a breakthrough moment, with some songs making it into Spotify’s official charts.

My low was this past year: I went from gaining momentum as a singer, opening sets for huge international artists, and award nominations, to living back home with my dad, fighting with my label, and wondering if my opportunity had passed me by. In my darkest moment, I picked up my guitar, poured my pain into my art, and somn happened: The music became more than the sound coming thru my speakers–it became the soundtrack to my healing. Anyways is the first song off this soundtrack. I hope you connect with it.


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