Rap music roundup: 9 songs/videos to check out

Aipate‘s latest rap music roundup involves 9 interesting songs/videos that range from more lighthearted tunes to introspective pieces. Although the styles vary, there is consistent lyricism.

Bknott – “Amborisa”

You’ve probably already noticed that Bknott invests the same amount of creativity in his videos as in the songs. This can be seen in “Sensei“, a song from him that we previously shared. “Ambrosia”, arriving around the same time, is equally interesting. It’s equally melody-rich and carries Bknott’s signature eccentric delivery.

Leaf – “Fashion Bitch”

“Fashion Bitch” introduces Leaf, an unapologetic rap newcomer. The Brooklyn, New York artist did accompany the track with stunning visuals that complements her fierce delivery. Generally, “Fashion Bitch” is a melodic and bouncy trap record with fun vibes. It is lifted from Leaf’s upcoming EP.

Nyashinski – “Glory” 

Kenyan rapper/singer Nyashinki is working on a 12-song album. Titled Lucky You, it is scheduled to drop on April 17. The first single “Glory” is a trap tune that balances memorable punchlines and energetic delivery.

Planet Love – “Credit”

“Credit” is rap song by Southern California hip-hop collective Planet Love. Coming as their first release of 2020, the Andre Hando-produced track captures them describing the drive that supports their individual talents. The group consists of Bernard Kyng, Andre Hando, CUI Jones, Zane Taylor, Brittainee B, who all feature on “Credit”. The music video was directed by David Griffin.

Dolla$ignDunn – “Crybaby”

Dolla$ignDunn‘s new song “Crybaby” is a beautiful hip-hop record with soulful vibes. With the jazz-influenced instrumentation, the New Jersey emcee goes introspective as he reflects on the current situation while providing the necessary motivation to take people through this tough period. Dolla$ignDunn is known for such profound lyricism, case in point being his 2019 song “Crocodile Leather“.

Anthony Profits – “Pen Chances”

Indianapolis’ very own Anthony Profits has a new single/video named “Pen Chances”. Over a smooth beat that adorns a soulful sample, the emcee/producer lays words that paint vivid pictures of street life. The neatly crafted verses are joined together by a singalong chorus that will warm every heart. The music video for “Pen Chances” is simple but perfectly complements the lyrics.

Jthurston – “Together”

Bay Area rapper Jthurston is back at it, this time sharing the track “Together”. It advocates for unity as a recipe for greater success. The message is particularly more important during the current COVID-19 pandemic. “Most of just want the same things, and if we work together, they can be achieved”, Jthurston explains.

Jahi & Configa – “Mindfulness”

US emcee Jahi and UK producer Configa have a new collaborative album out. Forward Future spans boombap 12 tracks which should be well received by hip-hop heads. The intense lyricism and deep message in each song drives the listener into a moment of reflection. “Mindfulness”, one of the pieces on the record, advocates for spiritual, mental and physical health; Configa created a laid-back beat over which Jahi delivered accordingly.

DKB & Real Dope World – “Broke and Stupid”

Irish artist DKB and Nigerian rapper Real Dope World have a new 4-track EP titled Low Tide. The last song on the project, “Broke and Stupid”, has fun vibes and interesting lyrics.

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