New Release Friday: 14 new songs out on June 12th

This week’s New Release Friday (NRF) roundup includes 14 great songs picked by the Aipate team.

Nick Andre x Bicaso (of Living Legends) – “Mr Bang Bang”

Nick Andre’s new track “Mr Bang Bang” is a collaboration with emcee Bicaso (of Living Legends). The hip-hop protest song appears to channel the rage that ensued after the killing of George Floyd. The lyrics is fiery and the delivery is as hard-hitting as the instrumental track. (For other songs adressing police brutality, check out these picks).

dezabel – “no good”

Swiss producer dezabel returns with another of his R&B-flavoured electronic-pop singles. He’s named this one “no good” and the song describes a love which is thrillsome but not good for the parties involved. The inviting female vocals makes “no good” more pleasurable.

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Lydia Ford – “Overrated”

Irish alternative pop singer Lydia Ford is releasing her latest song today. Named “Overrated”, the record is, however, worth the hype. The production is clean and isolates the singer’s elegant vocals. Lyrically, “Overrated” delves into an emotional topic: a frustrating relationship. Still, the song is upbeat and catchy.

<<Find Lydia Ford on Instagram>>

Ross Quinn – “Away With Me”

Yorkshire-based British artist Ross Quinn is back with another song, “Away With Me”. This is a hazy yet upbeat electronic track that arrives as the follow-up to his debut offering “You”. It’s also the first single – and the title-track – of his planned debut EP (due July 31).

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Kiesza – “Love Me With Your Lie”

Canadian artist Kiesza will be dropping a new album titled Crave on August 14 via her own label Zebra Spirit Tribe. Today, she shares “Love Me With Your Lie”, a single off of it. The ecstasy driven track has delightful and body-rocking rhythms. It was produced by Bobby Love.

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Zulu Band – “Tether”

“Tether” is the third and latest single from Zulu Band, a Liverpool-based outfit. It’s a pop-rock anthem talking about the effect of social media on how people relate with each other. Musically, it carries a mix of retro synths and psychedelia. Zulu comprises musicians Fred Greaves (vocals), Harry Mckenzie (guitar/synth), Matt McLoughlin (drums), Harry Mackenzie (guitar) and Daniel Langley (bass).

<<Find Zulu on Instagram>>

WILD x Jon Bryant – “Always Be The Same”

Los Angeles based trio WILD have unleashed a new EP, Yours & Mine. Arriving alongside the project is the track “Always Be The Same”. The song features Canadian singer Jon Bryant and was penned about deep-rooted friendships.

<<Find WILD on Instagram>>

Indian Trap x Tyeler Reign – “Everything Big”

“Everything Big” is the latest release by producer Indian Trap (birth name Jay Singh). The fun and lighthearted trap-infused track features rapper Tyeler Reign. It’s all about flashy lifestyle and ‘flexing’ but is still quite entertaining, regardless of your financial position.

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Armaan Malik – “next 2 me”

Indian pop singer and songwriter Armaan Malik has released a new single “next 2 me”. Out on Arista Records, it follows up from his first English-language song, “Control”. About the track, Armaan remarks: “The global lockdown has been tough on all of us, especially for those who are quarantined away from their loved ones. I wanted to capture that feeling of missing someone and wishing that they were next to you….

<<Find Armaan Malik on Instagram>>

Efraim Leo – “One Of Them Girls”

Swedish pop newcomer Efraim Leo is on his way up. It’s only about a couple of weeks since he shared the single “Talk To Me”. Today, he returns with another one titled” One Of Them Girls. The summer-tinged release is the first official leak from his forthcoming EP, Timing.

<<Find Efraim Leo on Instagram>>

Alex Frew – “Get Out Alive”

Canadian teenage singer-songwriter Alex Frew is making his debut with the single “Get Out Alive”. Despite his young age, his songwriting and delivery oozes great maturity. “Get Out Alive” is a candid and vulnerable account of a distressful love experience.

<<Find Alex Frew on Instagram>>

Alec Chambers – “Something To Cry About”

Alec Chambers‘ new song “Something to Cry About” is a bittersweet indie-pop ballad. The artist’s gripping vocals and melancholic lyrics are, perhaps, an expression of the emotional affliction behind the composition. The pre-chorus goes: “Yeah I keep getting drunk with you / ‘Cuz we don’t have enough to do / I know that both of us could use a sober night.

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Stables – “Summer (a sunny side of you)”

London-based indie-folk duo Stables are masters at building nostalgia with their music. This time round, they’ve crafted a chilled merry folk/pop anthem, “Summer (and a sunny side of you”. It’s about reminiscing the memories of one’s younger days.

<<Find Stables on Instagram>>

JOPLYN – “Never”

“Never” is the latest song by Berlin-based singer-songwriter and pianist JOPLYN. It’s a moody pop/inflected deep-house jam. Lyrically, it is about embracing the freedom of being single once again after leaving a toxic relationship.

<<Find JOPLYN on Instagram>>

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