Afel Bocoum presents new single & video titled “Avion”

Gifted Malian singer/songwriter and guitarist Afel Bocoum has unveiled a new single, “Avion”. Escorted by an interesting clip, the song’s release marks the first chapter into the musician’s next project; Afel is expected to unveil an album titled Lindé on 4th September via World Circuit Records.

“Avion” is an upbeat, rhythmic Afro-fusion record with that dance-inducing Congolese soukous flavour. It’s a melodic blend of guitars and percussion.

The album’s theme is about hope, solidarity and unity. Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Penda Djiga
  2. Bombolo Liilo
  3. Dakamana
  4. Fari Intro
  5. Fari Njungu
  6. Jaman Bisa
  7. Avion
  8. Sambu Kamba
  9. Yer Gando
  10. Kakilena
  11. Djougal

Find Afel Bocoum on Facebook.

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