New Release Friday: 18 new songs out on July 10th

This week’s New Release Friday roundup includes 18 great new songs.

Harry Jay-Steele – “Wish For One Night”

Harry Jay-Steele has today unveiled his latest single which he’s called “Wish For One Night”. With the East London-based singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer warming up to release his debut album, this one arrives as the first single off of it. The track carries a complex rhythm that blends jazz, pop and a hint of Middle Eastern flavour. It carries a wave of contradicting emotions that Harry rides through with his wailing-like vocals. “Wish For One Night” is out on Naim Records.

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Gustavo Bertoni – “Sit Down Let’s Talk”

“Sit Down Let’s Talk” is a sublime piece of indie-folk music from Brazilian singer/songwriter and guitarist Gustavo Bertoni. It is smoot, beautiful and has a solid message. The artist’s soothing vocals and lovely guitars collide smoothly to give the track an elegant touch. “Sit Down Let’s Talk” is a single from Gustavo’s upcoming solo album.

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Christian French – “make or break up”

Allowing a breakup in communication to lengthen can rock a relationship so hard. A new song by 23-year-old rising pop singer-songwriter Christian French was penned about this. “make or break up” is an emotional piece that finds the artist expressing both remorse and initiative. The song comes on the other side of his realization that failure of both  parties to work out their differences could drive their relationship to a point of no return. “make or break up” is simply an engrossing indie-pop track.

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Glades – “Blonde”

Australia’s Glades, a pop outfit from Sydney, have shared an anthemic new tune. Titled “Blonde”, it is an electro-pop record that comes in the heels of their single “Vertigo” – both tracks are taken from their forthcoming album, Planetarium. “Blonde” exhibits a perfect mix of electronic synths and organic instrumentation. The fun-promoting song is delivered in great vocals that supports the lyrical content. “Blonde is about helping a friend through a breakup. Sometimes you have to allow yourself to feel the full extent of your emotions to get through something. The song’s about being carefree and allowing yourself to do crazy shit to get over somebody,” notes Joey Wenceslao, a member of the trio.

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Pawl – “Waiting For Your Love”

Swedish artist and producer Pawl is today releasing a new single called “Waiting For Your Love”. The self-produced, upbeat electro-pop track and has the musician’s signature written all over it; catchy melodies and a crisp production are complemented by a playful vocal delivery. “Waiting For Your Love” is both romantic and danceable.

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Kartell x Che Lingo – “All In”

French producer Kartell is back with a new song that paired him with London-based rapper Che Lingo. “All In” is a funky and soulful song that fuses hip-hop, house and pop. It has a feel-good summer vibe that Che brings out well with his seductive lyrics and captivating singing. The track is out via Roche Musique.

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Yes Please – “Turn It Around”

Yes Please is a New York-based production/artist duo made up by Apob and Matt Miggz. Today, they’ve just unveiled their new album, Updog. It is a great body of work and we have picked the song “Turn It Around” as the one to introduce new fans to their album. The soulful jam carries an immersive bass and smooth vocals.

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Herbivores – “6AM”

Brooklyn, New York-based neo-soul collective Herbivores‘ self-titled debut EP is out today. Awesome grooves, layered instrumentation and honeyed vocals form the backbone of each track. “6AM” is one of the six songs on the project. Its magnificent sound, coupled with the great vocals, makes it quite an enjoyable tune.

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Glockenbach x Mougleta – “Dancing In The Dirt”

Glockenbach is a new music collective from Germany. Including creatives from across the globe, they are ready to entertain fans with their unique brand of dance music. Glockenbach’s debut single “Dancing In The Dirt”, which features vocals of Mougleta, is officially out today. The Future house track is vibrant and hypnotic.

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Outside The Disco x Nathan Nicholson x African Children’s Choir – “What If”

“What If” is an uplifting new song by German collective Outside The Disco and British singer-songwriter Nathan Nicholson. African Children’s Choir (from Uganda) provides beautiful harmonies and adds an emotional touch. “What If” is a nice disco-pop track with addictive melodies.

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VERY VERY  – “Do Right”

Toronto-based Canadian singer and songwriter Very Very is sharing her first release of 2020. “Do Right” is musically beautiful and lyrically powerful. “I didn’t intend to send the message inward but ultimately ‘Do Right’ ended up being a letter to myself more than anyone else,” Very Very says of the new song. “A reminder that everyone’s hauling around their own baggage so no matter how anxious you feel, be good to the people around you or you’ll be left alone with all that weight.”

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Madison Olds – “Best Part Of Me”

Canadian singer/songwriter Madison Olds has reignited her buzz with the release of a new song, “Best Part Of Me”. Produced by Ryan Worsley, the track is characterized by awesome synths. The singer’s delivery is strong and befits the gripping lyrics. “Best Part Of Me” is about embracing melancholia.

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Silk Tonic – “Summer Time”

The song “Summer Time” introduces us to Silk Tonic, an indie-pop duo hailing from Montreal, Canada. It is such a soft tune. Lyrically, the song describes the instance one meets that special someone for the first time and the overwhelming emotions experienced in that moment. Silk Tonic was formed by childhood friends Matthew Brouillet (vocals/drums) and Mark Hodges (guitar/bassist).

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Dylan Emmet – “How I Know”

Los Angeles-based pop singer-songwriter Dylan Emmet has dropped a new single, “How I Know”. Starting with a simple piano chords, the track builds up to an energetic chorus. The artist’s delivery is so good, it mirrors the composition. Dylan wrote the piece about his daughter. “… the second I met her, I knew that I loved her in a way that I had never loved anyone else before. It was truly unconditional. Now I realize that I want that in a romantic relationship one day too,” he explains.

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Color Fields – “Animal”

“Animal” by emerging American pop duo Color Fields is a well crafted piece. As per the outfit, it’s ‘a song about our tendency to hide our true selves from one another, and what happens when we stop.’ The soaring chorus adds more power to the lyrics. “Sonically,” Animal combines elements of rock, pop, R&B and electronica.

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mehro – “Hideous”

Los Angeles-based artist mehro has just shared his second single, “Hideous”. This is an introspective piece that showcases his strong vocals. The indie-pop track’s arrangement is also superb. “Hideous” is the follow-up to mehro’s debut single – “Perfume” – which did so well on the digital/streaming platforms.

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We Three – “Hold Me, Baby”

Exciting alt-pop trio We Three‘s newest release is the single “Hold Me, Baby”. Arriving alongside the track is a thoroughly pleasing music video. The song is generally delightful: the lyrics, vocals and instrumentation. It represents the kind of youthful vibrance which is sparked by thrills.

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Ferraro – “Fool’s Paradise”

Ferraro is a Toronto-based pop/rock trio of blood brothers: Cosmo (guitar, vocals), Tally (bass, vocals) and Gianni (drums, vocals). Continuing with their infectious style, they have unveiled a new release, “Fool’s Paradise”. The record was produced by The Darcys and accompanied by a lyric video. “Fool’s Paradise” comes after their last single, “You Look Good Like That”.

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