Dylan Emmet celebrates love with his new single “Dumb”

Singer-songwriter and producer Dylan Emmet‘s new piece “Dumb” details a typical love experience. Written from perspective of a guy who has realized that he’s attracted to his girlfriend’s annoying habits, the song is sweet and heartening. Covered in an addictive electronic pop tune, a relatable singalong.

‘Dumb’ was inspired by something my girlfriend at the time told me. She was joking about how “

‘I get away with murder’ when I do annoying things because for some reason, they don’t bother her the same way it does when other people do them. It got me thinking about what real love is. It’s a beautiful thing when your partner’s flaws become part of the reason you love them so much. ‘Dumb’ is my playful way of saying ‘I don’t know what you do to me, but I love everything about you.’

Dylan Emmet

Watch the lyric video above and connect with Dylan on his Instagram page.

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