Maya Amolo’s debut EP Leave Me At The Pregame introduces the emerging Kenyan singer [Interview]

As her first official project, New York-based Kenyan artist Maya Amolo delivered the EP, Leave Me At The Pregame. This is a collection of 7 beautiful songs that are best described as alternative R&B.

From the focus single “Lush Green” (whose video is highlighted above) to “Jokes”, each track is elegantly crafted to fit the singer’s style. Maya’s soulful vocals and delicate lyrics turn each listen into a heart-gripping experience.

Leave Me At The Pregame is a suitable introduction to the emerging singer-songwriter.

Aipate reached out to Maya with a few questions. In response, she provided insight on her music style, influences and the EP. See the interview below.

Congratulations on the release of your debut EP, Leave Me At The Pregame. How is the general feeling?

I think the main feeling is relief, the songs helped me get through a lot. Also, some excitement, mild anxiety but overall, happiness and gratitude to everyone that has listened to it.

You accompanied the single “Lush Green” with such an aesthetic music video. What is the inspiration behind it?

The inspiration for the video was the same inspiration for the song. I was missing home A LOT when I was in New York and thought of home and the green garden and people that supported me would keep me going. The director, Mumbi Muturi wanted to incorporate all this in the visual for the song.

The creative confidence on the project betrays your age. When did your begin writing songs?

I remember the first time I attempted to write a song I was about ten or eleven, I was basically mimicking what I would see on movies like High School Musical or Camp Rock (super corny, I know) but the first time I took it seriously I was either 15 or 16. That’s when I would put the tracks up on Soundcloud.

Which artists do you consider as your major influences?

My Influences right now include Atemi, Jazmine Sullivan, H.E.R, Nao, The Brand New Heavies, Moses Sumney and Frank Ocean

You split time between Nairobi and New York, shed some light on that.

Moving between Nairobi and New York was difficult initially but it’s been really amazing being able to live in two places that have cultures that are super-rich and diverse. It’s given me better range as an artist and a lot of creative influences that help me build my music and my sound.

Find Maya Amolo on Instagram.


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