New Release Friday: 12 songs out on August 14th

It’s time for New Release Friday. This week’s roundup is a selection of 12 great song picked by the Aipate team. At the bottom, you can find the updated Spotify playlist.

Malan – “Greed”

Welsh artist Malan is sharing her second single “Greed”. Released via The Playbook, it is the follow-up to her debut, “Busy Bee”. The jazzy, soulful song carries a laidback vibe that relaxes the nerves, thank’s to singer’s smooth and calm delivery. Still, “Greed” is lyrically profound; Malan talks about unfaithfulness in relationships.

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Awgust x Sofía Reyes – “Never”

“Never” is the debut single from Los Angeles-based artist Awgust. The song pairs the emerging singer-songwriter with Mexican artist and actress Sofía Reyes. Together, they deliver a pop-inflected R&B piece sung in English and Spanish. “Never” captures an amicable end to a relationship. Awgust says this about “Never”: “With Sofía on it, there’s an old school feel of the masculine and feminine voices colliding in a melancholically beautiful story. It has the melodic ear candy and prettiness, but it’s raw.” It is a sure bop.

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Dava – “Right Time”

“Right Time” is a new song by Denver, Colorado native Dava. It’s a R&B slow-burner with an elegant blend of pop and hip-hop elements. Dava’s stunning delivery is something of a marvel. Her silk-smooth vocals befits her inviting lyrics. “Right Time” is lifted from Dava’s upcoming EP, Sticky (the project will drop on Sony Music Entertainment’s Disruptor Records).

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Dylan Dunlap – “Seriously”

LA musician Dylan Dunlap has released a new indie-pop tune he’s called, “Seriously”. The song is sweet, catchy and, simply, heartwarming. It’s another in the fast-rising singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist’s growing catalog. Out on August 14th via Nettwerk Records, “Seriously” comes alongside a nice music video.

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Dipha Barus x CADE – “Down”

Indonesian artist Dipha Barus and Florida-raised producer CADE have joined forces for a new track they’ve named “Down”. The joyful house/pop jam is about enjoying the moment and reveling in love shared. It emits such a vibe that will rush the listeners to their feet. “Down” is out courtesy of Ultra Records and, about it, Dipha remarks: “Even though oceans apart, through thick and thin, and especially during very strange and vulnerable times – perseverance and perception is everything. It’s all about perspective. How you see things is all up to you! We thought the lockdown was a setback, but our creativity was flowin! I’m very excited to release this house-infused pop track with CADE.

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B.Infinite – “Get to It”

German songwriter and dance music aficionado B.Infinite is back with more heat. His newest single “Get to It” is an appetizing disco/house track packed a seductive female vocal. The song has quite an inviting groove that makes dancing to it truly irresistible. “Get to It” comes in the heels of B.Infinite’s successful last single, “Disco Head”.

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Caskie – “3rd Eye Shut”

“3rd Eye Shut” is a beautiful new hip-hop song by South-East London emcee Caskie. It’s, as a matter of fact, the first single being lifted from his forthcoming EP. Over a soulful hip-hop beat prepared by UnderTheBedProductions, Caskie goes ham lyrically as discusses society’s ills. “3rd Eye Shut” exhibits the artist’s great flows and powerful hooks. It arrives side-by-side an illustrative visual.

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Shira – “Birds of a Feather”

Rochester-born indie/folk singer-songwriter Shira is sharing “Birds of a Feather”, the title-track to her upcoming EP (the tracks on this EP will form part of Shira’s planned full-length debut album to-be-titled Birds of a Feather Flock Together). The string-laden, soulful song has quite an emotional touch. From the artist’s delicate vocals to the gripping lyrics, “Birds of a Feather” is a beautiful piece.

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Natalie Schlabs – That Early Love

Natalie Schlab‘s new song “That Early Love” is a celebration of the beautiful yet sometimes elusive feeling. She reveals that she penned this piece while expecting her first child. “It’s a reflection on falling in love with my husband and looking forward to a life with our baby. The early love that began ‘us’ is not fading, but rather lingering, deepening, stretching itself,” she explains. The folksy song is characterized by mellifluous melodies and a swaying rhythm. Natalie has accompanied it with a video that re-imagines perfect love. The clip was filmed and directed by Joshua Britt and Neilson Hubbard.

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Johnny Franco – “Stay Real”

Bruno Martini and Timbaland-collaborator Johnny Franco has just shared a new double-single that includes “Stay Real” and “Shelter The Light”. These are two soulful songs are inspired by the crazy year that 2020 has been, so far. The US-based, Brazilian rock musician urges us to stay human while living in the moment (during these challenging times). “Stay Real” and “Shelter The Light” are very personal to Franco, considering that himself he has been affected by the pandemic — he’s been unable to travel to Brazil.

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Rook Monroe – “Jolie”

Rook Monroe‘s entry into the music scene is akin to the beginning of a fun adventure. And, you can see that from his debut single, “Jolie”. This is a quite tongue-in-cheek and wildly confident piece. Monroe addresses his ex’s current lover saying he wants her back, even deriving that she’s also still into him. Overall, “Jolie” is lighthearted and relatable. The song, and by extension the whole project that he’s working on, was produced by the duo Trackside.

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Henry And The Waiter – “Don’t Wanna Die Alone”

German pop project Henry And The Waiter returns with new a song, “Don’t Wanna Die Alone”. This is the second single from his forthcoming EP, Hidden Spirit, the first being “Little Paradise”. About it, Henry explains, “you usually associate death with something sad, but with ‘Don’t Wanna Die Alone’ I try to question that death and sadness are combined inevitably.

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