New Release Friday: 10 new songs out on September 11th

New Release Friday roundup and Spotify playlist for the week of September 11th out now.

ALYGIA – “Remember Me”

ALYGIA is a newly formed all-female EDM duo based out of Berlin, Germany. It’s made up of Alyssa and Gia, two models who’ve worked with fashion brands like Lagerfeld and Prada. Their debut single “Remember Me” — which follows their signing to dance label CRISP — has arrived today, September 11th and it’s worth the hype. With it’s inviting melodies and amazing grooves, the feel-good house music jam is made to send the club into a frenzy.

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Anthony Dircson x Maxine – “95”

“95” is a nostalgia-evoking new song by Dutch producer Anthony Dircson and The Hague-born singer Maxine. Contrasting the current social media age with the mid-nineties when telephones, for example, were only used for phone calls, the electro-pop record revels in the simplicity of those times. It’s vibey and perfect for the summer.

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Neon Dreams – “Don’t Go Hating Me Now”

“Don’t Go Hating Me Now” is the newest single from Canadian alt-pop duo Neon Dreams. The track is taken from their upcoming album, The Happiness of Tomorrow. About the track, vocalist Frank Kadillac says, “I was on my third article in one day reading about an extremely talented person passing away due to an addiction. It made me feel horrible that these things keep happening because I’ve witnessed so many people growing up go down that road. It’s in all us to help a friend in need, but what happens when you try, they resent you and you become the bad guy? It’s the hardest moment ever especially if you love them.

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Khamari – “That Girl”

Khamari is returning with his third official single. Named “That Girl”, the song saw him once again working with producer Trackside, whom he connected with on his previous single, “The Heat”. It’s not long ago that Khamari made his debut but he’s already gathered some decent wave. His first EP, Eldorado, drops October 23rd.

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Bonze – “Don’t Wanna Go Back”

“Don’t Want Go Back” is the latest single by UK electronic/pop artist Bonze. With a laidback yet danceable instrumentation covered crisp production, the song carries a soft and enticing vocal. Lyrically, it’s about that alluring pull towards something you’d experienced in the past. Bonze explains: “it’s about not going back to something or someone that is bad for you. But, no matter what you do, you know you’ll give in and go back. It’s about empowerment and vulnerability and inevitability.” The artist is based in the city of London.

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Timebelle x Alejandro Reyes – “Rapido”

Timebelle, a Swiss band hailing from Berne, has released a new song named “Rapido”. It’s a collaboration with Latin-pop star Alejandro Reyes. Engaging and hooky, the electro-pop song has a singalong effect. It’s a great addition to the growing summer playlist.

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Masauti – “Burudani”

Mombasa-based fast-rising artist Masauti has shared a new banger titled “Burudani”. It was produced by Robbyvibes and mixed/mastered by Vicky Pon Dis. The gifted Kenyan singer accompanied the uptempo Afro-pop track with a lovely visual that was shot and directed by Hanscana Brand. “Burudani” is the first single of Masauti’s new EP, 001.

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Scorpio – “Mr Ness”

Scorpio from Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five has dropped a new solo single, “Mr Ness”. It’s a hip-hop track that combines the rhythms of boom-bap era with modern electronic production. “Mr Ness” sounds fresh, immersive and heavy on the bass. Beyond sonics, the emceeing is impressive and the hook catchy.

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AVENU – “The Median”

“The Median” is another powerful new song that adds a voice to the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s the debut single by AVENU, a duo which brings together rapper Soul Jones and singer B. Harms. The soulful record attempts to bridge the social and racial divide which has been characterized by animosity and discord. “The Median” has one hell of a hook. .

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Ellyn Woods – “Tangerine”

“Tangerine” is the brand new single from Montréal singer-songwriter Ellyn Woods. The retro-styled indie-electronic song, the artist reveals, started out as a poem she wrote while working on another project and was recorded in one take. It’s the first release among the tracks that Ellyn created together with Sterling Grove as part of her upcoming debut album. While “Tangerine” is so groovy, it’s so gripping lyrically.

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The Spotify Playlist:


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