New Release Friday: songs out on March 11th

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Here is the latest roundup of new songs taken from our weekly New Release Friday playlist. Scribbled below are notes and details about eight of those songs. Remember, you can listen to the entire playlist on Spotify.

Luna Blue – “Lou Lou”

Newcomers Luna Blue are back with a super-infectious tune they named “Lou Lou”. Luna Blue are a 4-piece alt-indie band from the UK. With “Lou Lou”, they deliver a funky pop/rock cut crafted to get you dancing. According to the outfit, ‘Lou Lou’ is a metaphor: the image of a perfect person who enters our lives for a split second, then is gone; a beautiful soul who fills the room and accepts us for what we are, accepts all our flaws.

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hanna ögonsten – “Bang My Head”

Swedish artist hanna ögonsten‘s debut single “Bang My Head” is indie-pop with thunderous energy. The song was written and produced alongside Darius Kaya and Timothy Caifeldt. Its heavy electric guitars perfectly complements hanna’s forthright lyrics. She notes, “I easily attach myself to characters, songs and stories that have a darker side to it. I like when the sight is kind of rough but the depth is fragile, I think that reflects life. I want to create sounds and songs based on that and the feelings I’ve carried on through life, they mainly contain love or memories.‘’

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Dolores Forever – “Baby Teeth”

London-based band Dolores Forever return with another track which is as blissful as their previous single, “Party In My Mind“. The new song is called “Baby Teeth” and carries sonic influences from the 90s. It is out via Sweat Entertainment/Official Music DK. Speaking about this reassuring song, Doloreves Forever said: “‘Baby Teeth’ is a message to our younger selves, who thought they knew nothing, and probably didn’t, but that’s OK. We still don’t really, but at least we’ve grown out of the painful urge to transform every aspect of our character to be liked. This is an ode to that cocktail of insecurity and bravado of youth, saying don’t worry so much, you’re just fine, go live your life and learn who you are.”

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MP Grey – “The Night Won’t Be Over”

Released on Friday, March 11, “The Night Won’t Be Over” is the newest offering from German producer/songwriter MG Grey and frequent collaborator Rudiger. Generally, “The Night Won’t Be Over” is a euphoria-filled song. MP Grey, also known as Martin Polle, comments: “Sometimes you just want the night to never end. Everything is perfect , The club, the people, the music. It’s that magical time you remember forever…

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Transient (Latroit x Sian) – “Higher Than The Sky”

With the unveiling of the single “Higher Than The Sky”, electronic producers Sian and Latroit officially kicktstart their new project called Transient. A house-leaning nu disco track, “Higher Than” is out via the label NIGHTMODE. The track carries a funky bassline and enticing melodies, with a lovely female vocal filling up the exuberant instrumentation. You’ll be grooving to this one for a while.

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C05 – “Hit My Phone”

C05 is an emerging artist in the Norwegian music scene. Recently, he signed to the label Balance It Out. To seal that recording deal, he’s released his first single on the label. The song is called “Hit My Phone” and is an emo rap song about leaving a relationship where the priorities are wrong, presenting the risk of pain.

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B.Infinite X DJ Combo X FR3SH TrX – “Whip It 2K22“

KHB Music’s XWaveZ imprint presents a new dance tune that brings together B.Infinite, DJ Combo and FR3SH TRX. The nu-disco anthem is called “Whip It 2K22”. With the song arrives with two remixes, including a club version on which DJ Combo’s injects a classic EDM vibe. Whichever your preferred style, you are given something to dance to.

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MIZZI – “Good Good Feeling”

“Good Good Feeling” is a fresh pop/rock cut on MIZZI‘s just-released debut album, SUGAR HIGH. MIZZI (birth-name Heather Jeanette Miley) is an artist, songwriter and producer based out of Los Angeles. The 14 tracks which she’s packed into this LP exhibit her ability to create fun, melodious and energetic tunes.

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