New Release Friday: 20 new songs out on October 30

New Release Friday roundup and Spotify playlist is out now.

Salin x Sarah MK – “In Tune With The Moon”

Canadian-based Thai musician Salin has shared a new song named “In Tune With The Moon”. The funky, disco tune features Sarah MK and has been accompanied by an equally amazing visual. The chant-like song is an ode to female power and resilience. Salin reveals, “During the winter of 2018, my ever occurring cycle of womanhood was in sync with the cycle of the moon for several consecutive months. Under the light of the full moon, I felt powerful as the leader of my own path…” Be on the look-out for Salin’s upcoming full-length debut titled Cosmic Island.

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Boogieman – “Clap My Hands”

“Clap My Hands” is a new disco-house anthem which arrives as the first single from masked Dutch DJ/producer Boogieman. It is a tale of twin debuts as the song also serves as Rediscover Records’ maiden release. Musically, it’s a groovy tune with infectious vocals. “Clap My Hands” is blissful, fun and dance-inducing.

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Dualities x Discrete x Neville – “Overdose”

Out now via LoudKult Div and The Orchard is the disco-inspired deep house track that brought together Italian production duo Dualities (Simone Guida and Domenico Messina) and their Swedish counterpart Discrete. Titled “Overdose”, the song features a rousing vocal by singer Neville. It is one part a dancefloor-ready banger and another, an emotionally gripping piece. Taking cue from the melancholic lyrics, Neville puts up a strong vocal performance that goes well with the amazing instrumentation. The track involves melodic piano keys being paired with a thumping bassline.

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Ernest Noah – “Similan”

Ernest Noah is a new artist emerging out of Sweden. With a powerful voice and a sound that combines 80s-inspired synths with modern pop songwriting and production, he hopes to captivate audiences one song at a time. His latest release is “Similan”, the first single since the unveiling of his debut album Gold. The love-themed song has an alluring feel perfect for a romantic getaway. Speaking about it, Noah explains: “In days of much worry, my recent songs seem to be focusing more so than ever on the idea of a romantic love that is strong and present. I’ve realized once again that I’m a hopeless romantic and a true optimist. I really want ‘Similan’ to be an uplifting experience for the listener!

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RYAL – “Solo On The Dancefloor (Thunder)”

Synth-pop outfit RYAL (a duo of singer/keyboardist Jacque Ryal and producer Aaron Nevezie) is releasing a new song called “Solo On The Dancefloor (Thunder)”. With its dense electronic instrumentation and gripping vocals, it evokes a sense of both nostalgia and melancholy. Lyrically, the song is about ‘the bravery and personality of a club kid / drag queen who paved the way and welcomed so many to New York’s scene with open arms.’ The track (stream here) arrives on the heels of the duo’s successful single, “Closure”.

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The Sunshine State – “Cliff Drive”

“Cliff Drive” is the debut single by The Sunshine State, the new solo project by acclaimed songwriter, Skyler Stonestreet. Working behind the songwriter’s desk, she’d penned hits for the likes of Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber, Dua Lipa, The Chainsmokers, Hailee Steinfield, among other A-listers. Yet, this song doesn’t rely on her former glory. “Cliff Drive” combines Stonestreet’s excellent compositions with painstaking production to deliver a piece of indie-pop heaven.

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Virginia To Vegas x Mokita – “flyby.”

American-Canadian singer-songwriter Derik Baker, who makes music under the moniker Virginia To Vegas, has just dropped a new EP. Titled don’t wake me, i’m dreaming, the project carries six beautiful indie-pop songs. One of those is “flyby.” which features producer Mokita. In particular, this is a catchy singalong written about the feeling of not appreciating someone special in your life until it’s too late.

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Rupert Stroud – “Normal People”

Yorkshire’s very own, Rupert Stroud, steps out with a brand new ballad named “Normal People”. This release comes on the back of the UK singer-songwriter’s Along The Low album and more recently, his distribution deal with 3Tone Records. “Normal People” is beautiful slow-burner, with Rupert’s vocals amazing vocals complementing the smooth instrumentation. “The song is most definitely inspired by the recent BBC TV adaption of Normal People, but the song is also a reflection of my personal relationship,” explains Stroud. “The ups and the downs and how sometimes you can doubt yourself, your decisions, and how you treated that person you love. But despite it all you find the courage to fight for the relationship and make it work.”

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Leah Rye – “Agrypnia”

With her jazz-leaning indie-pop sound, Dutch singer-songwriter and producer Leah Rye, is drawing in more and more listeners and fans. Her new single “Agrypnia” is a gripping ballad that lyrically carries a great sense of urgency. The song predicates the ‘world being on fire’ and that ‘there’s no time’ to spare. The production carries a clever fusion between organic and electronic instruments, giving the track quite a unique feel. “Agrypnia” is the first single from Leah’s forthcoming EP, Elusive (due early 2021).

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Kai Staw – “Are You Coming With Me?”

“Are You Coming With Me?” is a sensual new song from Kai Straw. It’s the sixth and latest track in a series of singles the artist committed to drop every last Friday of the month. “Are You Coming With Me?” is a lyrically bold and cheeky piece backed with a warm guitar melody and delivered within Kai’s crooning vocals. The song captures the moment of love-making. The artist says: “It’s the sensation of slowly peeling off your clothes to feel someone else’s skin against yours. It’s fluttering eyes during an orgasm. It’s the bedroom floor strewn with discarded panties, briefs, jeans and the vibration of an unanswered cell phone.”

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Ossèe & Federico Spinas – “I Don’t”

Ossèe and Federico Spinas stay true to their feelings in new song, “I Don’t”. According to the two emerging artists, the song addresses ‘fake people, fake friends and fake love which is sadly very common in today’s day and age’. “I Don’t” is a melodic, pop-inflected rap jam which great vocals and relatable lyrics. The record is out via Sony Music Italy.

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Demi Day – “Do It All”

DMV area artist Demi Day furthers her come-up with the release of another great record. This one is named “Do It All” and is a hard-hitting drill-influenced hip-hop track characterized by the emcee’s signature lyricism. The song is a statement of her talent and growth. Aipate first introduced readers to her world through her 2019 EP, PLANS.

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Chali 2na x Choklate – “Keep Goin'” (2020 Version)

Legendary emcee Chali 2na and soul veteran Choklate linked up again to create a reworked version of their hit “Keep Goin'”. The song’s message of hope is timeless but also comes at a time when our spirits could do with some uplifting. The original piece was part of Chali’s 2009 album, Fish Outta Water. Out via Westwood Recordings, this version is vibrant, sonically fresh and further proves that both musicians are still in their elements. Stay on the lookout for a forthcoming 4-track EP from Chali 2na.

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Autumn Nicholas – “Back When”

Autumn Nicholas has unveiled her latest single, a raw piano ballad called “Back When”. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, the R&B singer-songwriter takes us through an emotional ride as she pensively reflects on the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown. It also shows her yearning for the things to return to how they were. Nicholas explains: “Autumn elaborates on the song, “If time didn’t cost you a dime, how would you spend it? This song is about the joy of time well spent and longing for the moments we sometimes miss. A child’s first steps, long walks with a father, birds chirping at 3 am, time with your partner, and savoring the feeling of falling back in love. Time to share moments we might miss or forget if we don’t take the time to hold on to the joy in that moment. Giving ourselves the ability to savor the time we have and the people that share it with us.”

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Ben Hazlewood – “The Way You Do”

Ben Hazlewood is an incredible singer and songwriter. The Kiwi alt-pop artist reminds us of that as he shares his latest video, “The Way You Do”. The monochromatic visual style complements the tone of the song. “The Way You Do” shows the powerful impact of love on one’s life. And… Ben’s voice is truly phenomenal in bringing his stories to life.

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Adeena x ORKID – “Nervous”

Up-and-coming pop singer-songwriter Adeena features fellow Swedish artist ORKID in a new record, “Nervous”. Written by the two artists alongside Ayelle, the seductive song discusses the reversal of the traditional roles that people are born into and tagged throughout their lives. Adeena and ORKID deliver it in the most fun and playful way possible. “Nervous” is quite a bop.

<Find Adeena and ORKID on Instagram>>

Camden Williams – “Bruises”

With his new single christened “Bruises”, Los Angeles-stationed Pittsburgh native Camden Williams is reflecting on a time in his life when trying to fit into the crowd left him feeling bruised. “I surrounded myself with people that treated me poorly just so I’d be invited to the best parties and industry events in LA“, he elaborates. Such a bold and high gear to start a career with but he backs it with great talent. “Bruises” is an upbeat yet emotive electro-pop record that will get you to dance at the same time assessing your relationships and friendships.

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Henri Purnell x INNA x Nobody Cares – “Pretty Thoughts”

Munich-based house producer Henri Purnell teams up with Romanian pop phenomenon INNA and emerging German producer Nobody Cares for a collaborative record named “Pretty Thoughts”. As creativity goes, the track became a magical playground for the two producers to fuse their styles. INNA’s immaculate angelic vocals is as inviting as ever, with the song describing the process of getting over a past relationship. Henri’s trumpets and funky guitar add a tropical flavour to the fun dance-pop tune.

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Albin Loán – “The Fall Out Of Love”

Albin Loán is a Sweden-based singer, songwriter and producer who originally is from Kosovo. The artist’s musical journey has been extensive and interesting and he adds that experience in his songs. “The Fall Out Of Love”, his latest, is a marvelous pop track with a cinematic instrumentation and sublime vocals. The piano-guided piece regales us with a heartbreaking love story, with an illustrative music video to boot.

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Rachele Lynae x Heather Cole – “Common Blood”

American country artist Rachele Lynae and pop artist Heather Cole (her sister) joined forces to release a new song called “Common Blood”. It’s a unity anthem that was inspired by the social and racial unrest that their country has been going through. The song produced by Tim Creedon, it’s a pop/rock track that sees both artists deviating from their usual styles. “We knew immediately that we had to share this song,” Lynae recalls, “and at the end of the day, we decided that it really didn’t matter if it fit in with our ‘normal’ style, the message was too important to ignore.”

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The full New Release Friday playlist on Spotify:

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