New Release Friday: 18 new songs out on November 13th

Time for this week’s New Release Friday Roundup (and Spotify playlist update).

Starling – “Swoop”

Fast-rising UK pop artist Starling returns with a fun and vivacious new song. Called “Swoop”, the track carries a vibrant instrumentation topped with a thumping bassline. It’s taken from her upcoming debut album To Be alive and is the follow-up the LP’s first track, “No Leader”. Alongside it arrives a nice visual with some sick dance moves. Starling comments about about the song, “‘Swoop’ is about going for the life you want. Written on a dark December day at record speed I was tired of seeing people live like they have no ownership of their destiny…

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Palshu x Marck – “Leave My Head”

Palshu is a 21-year-old electronic producer from Münster, Germany. Making music that blends trap and bass with other elements, his latest single “Leave My Head” better defines his unique style. The blasting yet melodic song features vocals of Marck. It sees Palshu experimenting with an indie-pop infused instrumentation, with the artist commenting: “I started ‘Leave My Head’ in 2019. At that time, I was obsessed with harmonic minor scales which became the base of ‘Leave My Head’ and I started humming melodies over it.…”

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Rachelle Rhienne x Will Wallace – “Greenlight”

Will Wallace is releasing his debut single “Greenlight”. For the release, the Preston-based producer has featured a fellow UK artist, the vocally gifted singer Rachelle Rhienne. “Greenlight” is an EDM/pop track built around Will’s energetic production and Rachelle’s fun and easygoing attitude. It’s a melodic singalong that will also leave your hands up in the air. The track will reminiscently take you back to those happy pre-COVID19 times.

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clide – “WYL”

Berlin-bred American alt-pop artist clide is back with another magnificent piece called “WYL”. Written about about the girl of his dreams (literally a figure in his dreams), the song invites the listener to a great sonic experience. clide’s mellifluous vocals blends into the melodic trap-infused instrumentation, making “WYL” quite an irresistible tune. The 20-year-old artist is surely one to watch as we head into 2021.

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Jaguar Jonze – “MURDER”

Deena Lynch, the Australian alt-pop artist best known as Jaguar Jonze, is a creative mastermind. With a music style that’s backed by an exceptional visual flair, the singer never miss a moment to wow the listener. Her latest release is the single/video, “MURDER”, which is the second installment in her series of 5 videos that delve into her complex and multi-faceted personas (the first was “DEADALIVE”). About this new dark-leaning, pop-rock influenced track, the artist says, “’MURDER’ is about when a relationship gets pushed beyond a boundary that should’ve never been crossed and why we ever thought that was a good idea. Wishing that we could go back to where it was before that line was crossed but knowing we’re both guilty of having made that decision to, put grimly, ‘kill’ that relationship.”

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Hunter Falls – “The One”

“The One” is the newest single by Belgian indie-pop singer-songwriter Hunter Falls. Having some gripping melodies, the song is however quite simple in its message. It captures the artist seeking the affection of a love interest. “The One” carries a smooth blend of organic and electronic elements, easily complementing the heartwarming lyrics. Hunter’s beautiful vocals makes the song even more relatable.

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Braden Lee Waiters x Kat Hall – “Everything You Dreamed Of”

Utah-native musician Braden Lee Waiters has just dropped his debut album, Deep Blues. The 7-song compilation was released independently by the singer-songwriter. It is a blues album that infuses other music elements. Focus-track “Everything You Dreamed Of” is a soulful piece that features Kat Hall.

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Jenny Kwon – “floatin”

Today, November 13, Jenny Kwon is releasing her debut album titled Illusions. Throughout the 7-track project, the R&B/soul singer-songwriter showcases her powerful voice and refined songwriting. My favourite song on the album is “floating”. It is a gripping piece with specially inviting harmonies.

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Mullally – “Lonely Too Long”

British pop-soul artist Mullally is making a return with the song, “Lonely Too Long”. About this new track, the Norfolk-based singer-songwriter says, “I wanted to capture the sadness of being lonely and the joy of finding someone, all in the same track. This track is really close to my heart because even though it’s written about a very particular point in my life, it manages to pop back up and be relevant over and over again as life continues. I wrote this almost 3 years ago with Eg White and Jon Green, two amazing musicians, so I’m thrilled that I can finally share this song. I’m also excited to be working with Marmalade Trust to bring awareness around loneliness in the UK.”

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Jade Hilton – “Falling”

Canadian newcomer Jade Hilton has just shared a beautiful new piece, “Falling”. Produced by Dominic Okune (a.k.a. Dot), the song is both groovy and melodic, with a gripping guitar dominating the instrumentation. “Falling” is an emotional song that marks the beginning of a love experience. Jade sings with raw passion that might get us all relating.

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Theo Tams – “Therapy”

Theo Tams is working on a new EP. In the upcoming project, the Canadian singer-songwriter explores an R&B-infused pop sound. Giving us a taste of what to expect is the song “Therapy” which lyrically captures a vulnerable and frustrated Theo. It was produced by Marty Martino and released via Hidden Pony Records. The planned EP will be Theo’s first record since Call the Doctor (2018).

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AJ Mamba – “Black People”

“Black People” by Philadelphia’s AJ Mamba is, in all aspects, a powerful song. It offers a reflective look at the lives of African Americans. The lyrics celebrates black culture while also pointing out some ill practices that need to be shunned. Built around a soulful hip-hop instrumentation, “Black People” is AJ’s first release on Estabrook Road Records.

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Billy Locket – “Wasting Time”

Most people only find out through personal experience that there’s nothing as frustratingly painful as unrequited love. A pensive song by Northampton-based singer-songwriter Billy Locket provides some insight into that kind of devastation. The piano ballad finds the artist crooning vulnerably. About the song, Billy comments: “I wanna just say this is the sound I’ve been looking for my whole life. I wrote this new song fully from the heart when I was in a very bad place and it’s probably the most personal lyrics I’ve ever written. It’s also the first release I’ve ever fully produced myself.”

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Gold Spectacles – “Lothario”

2019 was a busy year for UK’s Gold Spectacles. It saw them drop a series of monthly singles that culminated in the release of their self-titled debut album. Following that, they then proceeded into another full year of dedicated creativity holed down in the studio. Now, they can release the first offering, “Lothario”. “We like to write a certain degree of juxtaposition into our songs. ‘Lothario’ is an upbeat track on the surface but if you dig deeper, you discover it’s riddled with dark undertones and flawed characters. This reflects the narrator’s blind love for Lothario despite his obvious insincerity,” Gold Spectacles say.

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Eelke – “I’m A Man”

“I’m A Man” is an energetic guitar-driven pop/rock song by Dutch singer-songwriter Eelke. The second single from his forthcoming EP, it follows up the song “Leech”. Eelke is a professionally trained songwriter and that is evident in his compositions with “I’m A Man” properly illustrating this.

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Mountain Bird – “Terrified Of Love”

Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Mountain Bird has shared a new single and video called “Terrified Of Love”. A soothing and hypnotizing indie-pop piece, the song addresses the fear of heartbreak. For those who’ve been in such a situation, “Terrified Of Love” takes them to a familiar territory. The artist elaborates, “Tinder and all the other apps have made us scared of commiting to basically anything or anyone, so instead we are throwing away people like garbage and this has been a huge impact of the collective depressive state.” The song is out via Nettwerk Records and precedes Mountain Bird’s upcoming new EP.

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Alex Runo – “Preaching To The Choir”

Sweden’s Alex Runo is the quintessential genre-defying musician. Raised on a mixture of soul, gospel, rock and blues, he’s since added to his repertoire a set of flavors developed from working with the likes of Måns Zelmerlöw, Carola, Jill Johnson and Tingsek. The artist’s debut single “Underdog” introduced his unique pop style. Now, he delivers his second — a soulful pop/rock anthem called “Preaching To The Choir”. This, in his own words, is “a song about how being wrong, and changing the way you look at things, isn’t always the same as being weak, but rather a way to grow as a person. It’s a bluesy, gospely song that packs a lot of punch

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The Drives – “All This Boredom”

The Drives is a rock music trio based out of Los Angeles. Made up of Andrew Levin, Casey Chen and Geo Botelho, the independent outfit who produce their songs in-house, continue to build an audience around their vibrant music style. Their latest release is the single “All This Boredom”. This is a great track with soaring choruses and an effervescent instrumentation. Lyrically, it is about the transition from a longtime relationship.

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Here’s the full Spotify playlist.

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