New Release Friday: 20 songs out on December 4th

Dive into our latest New Release Friday roundup. The Spotify playlist is embedded at the bottom.

Dillistone x Martin Jamar – “On The Edge”

Danish electronic producer Dillistone (real name Morten Aamodt) have joined forces with UK’s Martin Jamar for a new dance tune. Named “On The Edge”, the song is a feel-good jam about falling madly in love with someone. It describes the powerful effect of that feeling. With its tropical flavour, the track will inject the listener with a happy vibe.

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SeeMeNot – “Chez Renee”

Jamaican-Canadian electronic artist and producer SeeMeNot has unveiled her Chez Renee EP. The 5-track project includes the single “If I Could” and the title-track which is accompanied by three different versions (that is, an extended mix by SeeMeNot, another extended mix by Joe Goddard and a Goddard dub mix). Chez Renee is an awesome treat of house music. Effectively, it adds more brightness to the artist and former professional model’s emerging star.

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Scott Forshaw x JJ Beck x EMIAH – “Future Self”

“Future Self” is a piano-house record that will give you nothing but good feelings. It’s a collaboration by UK producers Scott Forshaw and JJ Beck and vocalist & songwriter EMIAH. The song is about the emotional dynamics after a first sexual encounter. The three creatives skillfully manage to flip this emotive subject into feel-good dance tune.

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Juliette Reilly – “Rich People”

Nashville-based pop artist Juliette Reilly entered savage mode with her new single. Called “Rich People”, it finds her calling out those who tend to misuse their financial power. She explains, “I wrote this song in my car last year, after being at an industry party with a bunch of rich people who were born into money and gloating about how that allowed them to get ahead in their careers.” She created the track alongside Hera Lynn (co-writer) and Scott Giffen (producer).

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Icon South x Neko Savvy x Lil Twist – “Clone”

Icon South has shared a massive new single, “Clone”. The bouncy track sees the rapper and producer teaming up with fellow Texas artists Neko Savvy and Lil Twist (of Young Money). Produced by Zetra & Sham, “Clone” has that new hip-hop sound. The song involves smooth yet hard-hitting rap verses being sandwiched in between a catchy hook.

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Nizzy – “Bombay”

Nigerian-born UK-based Afro-fusion artist Nizzy is on a steady rise. The Londoner has returned with a new single called “Bombay”. This follows up his Pillow Therapy EP. Produced by Studio Magic, the song is so wavy. “‘Bombay’ was inspired by the Queen in my life, the plan was to create timeless music. You know, something you would want to listen to at all times, so that listeners can connect with me and my fusion of sounds,” Nizzy explains. “Bombay” is the first single from his upcoming EP, Pillow Therapy Vol.2.

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Busy Signal – “Blessings”

Busy Signal never runs out short of uplifting messages to share. The Jamaican artist’s latest single “Blessings” is a positive reggae-dancehall tune. Produced by (and released on) Young Veterans Music, the song arrives paired with an awesome music video that celebrates life. “Blessings” is part of TDA Riddim which includes artists such as Chris Martin, Pressure Busspipe, Afro Miziiki, among others.

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Yung Dada – “AYO”

Yung Dada is a Netherlands-based artist with Ghanaian roots. A singer, rapper, drummer and producer, he uses all these skills to craft amazing tunes. His latest release is the single and video, “AYO”. This is a groovy and melodious Afrobeat song with a euphoric, singalong chorus. Laced with smooth guitar, “AYO” is so irresistible.

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Manda – “I Need You”

Romanian producer Manda is back on Epic Tones label. This time, he presents the track, “I Need You”, a deep house banger with that slap house flavour. The addition of a lovely vocal over the bass-heavy production makes an addictive piece out of the track. The primal and lascivious lyrics gives “I Need You” its inviting allure.

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Palco – “Free”

“Free” is a newly released song from Palco, a Los Angeles-based indie/electro-pop newcomer. One of three songs that touch on toxic relationship and domestic violence, she penned this one as a catharsis to a passionate relationship that just couldn’t seem to break out of unhealthy patterns to make it a lasting one. “I wanted to write about the feeling of being trapped and stuck in love while idealizing freedom from the relationship and our own personal demons, so-to-speak,” Palco elaborates. Musically, “Free” exists in a dreamy synth-filled soundscape.

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BETSIE GØLD – “Birthday Sadness”

Oxford-based pop singer-songwriter BETSIE GØLD has delivered a moody birthday anthem, “Birthday Sadness”. The song deals with the feeling that, with every year that passes, time is somehow running out. “I miss the years of not being able to sleep because I was so excited for my birthday, because the only thing that mattered was the party, presents and cake,” BETSIE opens up. She wrote it with her go-to producer Kaity Rae before sending it over to Gareth Gwyn for a final mix.

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Daniel Wilson – “Near Me”

Vocal powerhouse Daniel Wilson‘s latest single “Near Me” is another stunning piece from the Michigan-hailing singer-songwriter and producer. The folksy, acoustic song captures him singing alongside a piano melody. Raw, heartfelt and uplifting, “Near Me” is about how love can create stability in lives that don’t have can’t easily receive it. Daniel created it together with Andrew Horowitz and Elliot Jacobson.

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Garret Kato – “All Good”

“All Good” is a new song by Australian singer-songwriter and producer Garrett Kato. With brooding lyrics paired with a gripping piano, it’s just so affecting. The song describes the moment you realize that someone who was once so close to you is now a complete stranger. “All Good” arrives as part of Garrett’s new album titled hemispheres. This 16-track LP combines his last two EPs (n. hemisphere and s. hemisphere), new singles “I See You” and “All Good”, plus acoustic versions of “Moon” and “It’s Easier When You’re Standing There.” The musician says, “hemispheres is the culmination of both EPs. Made by chance. The story starts ten years ago landing on the shores of Australia and building a new life. It’s divided into two parts; life and identity in Canada and a transformation in Australia.”

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Drugstore Cowboy – “Jeff Bridges”

Alternative-minded Dallas-based band Drugstore Cowboy continue to break boundaries with their music. This dynamism is pretty evident in their newest single, “Jeff Bridges”. This is a folk/rock piece with elements of pop and trap/hip hop. Lyrically, the song finds the pair drawing in the listeners emotionally. Drugstore Cowboy is made up of singer-songwriter Mr. Carter Davis and drummer/producer Grant Thompson.

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Marina Mia – “Diga”

LA-based, Brazilian-Argentinian singer and songwriter Marina Mia‘s new song “Diga” is beautiful in every sense of the word. Lyrically thought-provoking and musically sublime, it is a song that goes deeper into the soul. Sung in Portuguese, “Diga” is about self-love and reveals the artist’s struggles with self-acceptance and self-esteem.

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Amanda Aasa – “Samla dina tankar”

Real Love, the first EP by Swedish pop artist Amanda Aasa is finally here. 4 tracks long, the project introduces the 24-year-old singer-songwriter to listeners outside her country. In Sweden, a good number of fans have already heard of her as she’s participated in a couple of singing competitions, including the TV show, Idol (when she was 17). “Samla dina tankar” is the focus-track on Real Love.

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Emanuel – “PTH”

Toronto’s very own Emanuel has unveiled his sophomore EP, Alt Therapy Session 2: Transformation. Out via Universal Music Canada, the project is the second installment of the R&B artist’s forthcoming album, ALT THERAPY. This EP is an ode to the beautiful moments within the journey of self-growth. Highlighted is the lustful song, “PTH”.

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Christy – “This Road”

It has been a busy year for Christy and he’s finishing it strongly as he shares the single “This Road”. This release comes just a few days after the singer-songwriter had been named one of Amazon Music UK and Wonderland’s ‘Ones To Watch’ for 2021. That’s interesting because early next year, he’ll be embarking on his second EP — the follow-up to his debut, Homegrown. “This Road” is folksier and returns us to Christy’s teenage beginnings. “It is the story of a person that you can’t seem to stay away from and keep going back to even though it’s been proved to be a bad idea time and time again,” he says.

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Pyx – “2 Weeks”

Pyx is a multi-instrumentalist musician hailing from Kent, England. He introduced himself into the local scene with his 2019 single, “Play On”. Since then, he has gained quite some following and also received support from the likes on BBC Introducing, BBC6 Music, among other platforms. Pyx’s latest single “2 Weeks” is a pop/rock song inspired by the documentary about Timothy Tredwell, the environmentalist and filmmaker who was killed by bears in 2003. “Timothy believed he had bridged the gap between human and beast, and this amazing film for me falls within that age old tradition of remind us how powerful and indifferent nature can be.”

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SEA GIRLS – “This Is The End”

Postponed shows aside, 2020 has been a successful year for Sea Girls. The year saw the fast-rising UK pop-rock band dropping their debut album, Open Up Your Head. Now, to bring 2020 to a close, they’re revealing the song “This Is The End”. Alongside the track is a music video filmed at London’s O2 Academy Brixton where they were to play their biggest headline show.

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