New Release Friday: songs out on September 3rd

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As we do every Friday, the Aipate Team picks new songs for the New Release Friday playlist. Listen to this week’s selection and read editorial notes about 10 of the songs/videos.

Chloe Lilac – “10 Things”

Breakout artist artist Chloe Lilac returns with a brand new single which she’s named “10 Things”. This is the Brooklyn, New York-based singer’s first release of the year. “10 Things” is a vibrant alt-pop number detailing her fallout with a close friend. Chloe paired the single with a great video. About it, she remarks, “I wrote ’10 things’ about a bad friend i had throughout my life, and finally realizing it wasn’t healthy for me to keep them around anymore. it can be so frustrating when a close friend prioritizes a relationship above your friendship. best friend breakups are one of the most painful things you can go through, especially when you feel let down by someone you trust so much.”

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Wild Story – “It’s Happening”

Based out Los Angeles, Wild Story is a new duo made up of producer Viv Parker and Katie Hargrove. In terms of individual skills, the two perfectly complement each other, with that musical chemistry being reflected on each track. “It’s Happening”, which is their latest single, is extra-special considering it’s the first song they ever wrote as a band. “It was right in the midst of COVID and we were just imagining the feeling post-pandemic of being on top of the world and reinventing yourself,” Viv and Katie recall about its creation.

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David Bay – “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

German indie-dance artist David Bay has shared a new single, “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. It is a lazy yet engaging nu-Disco tune which the emerging Hamburg-based musician released alongside a riveting visual. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” is, in fact, a re-imagination of English rock band Joy Division’s 1980 hit of the same title. David notes, “The original’s high string machine turned out to be the core element of my version. I’ve adapted the line’s movement to the bass, guitar and even the synths. Somehow the whole instrumental is now playing the hook-melody, even in the verse.”

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Jacob Browne – “Like A Rose”

London-based British singer-songwriter Jacob Browne once again teamed up with frequent collaborator Luke Potter, for his newest single, “Like A Rose”. Luke co-wrote it with Jacob and produced the track. “Like A Rose” is an emotional and uplifting pop ballad. Jacob’s passionate vocals and lyrics find warmth in the melodic and gripping instrumentation. Before the year ends, you can expect more releases from the artist this year, including a new album.

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Sophie van Hasselt – “Burning bodies”

Sophie van Hasselt impressed fans and new listeners with her last single, “EaT mY bRaiN”. The Dutch alt-pop artist returns with another beautiful one called “Burning bodies”. Arriving with a nice visual, this track is billed as the second single from her upcoming debut album. “Burning bodies” is about craving intimacy in a time of isolation, a feeling that many can relate to, especially considering the experiences during lockdown. It’s a sweet little song.

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Everything And Everybody – “When I Was”

Everything And Everybody is a Berlin-based art pop duo making music that can be described as mesmerizing. The outfit has just unveiled a new track called “When I Was”. Sung in English, it is a ode to later summer melancholy. The song is a reminder of the disappointments that characterize life. Says the band, “‘When I Was’ is a daydream into a world that once was. When everything was possible & everybody carried a secret we were highly interested in. A glimpse into a world that was packed with adventures and excitement. Every color, sound, feeling, taste and scent of supernatural intensity. An endless Rhyme of Optimism. Something that is definitely long gone.”

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Steven Ryan – “Anything For You”

A month after the release of his last single “Burns Like Fire“, Ontario singer-songwriter Steven Ryan is back with another fervent piece. This one is named “Anything For You” and it’s a song about the individual struggles within a relationship. Ryan makes use of his powerful voice to the effect of a stirring performance. “Anything For You” reminds us of the power of love.

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Dillistone x LeyeT – “Smoke Signals”

Berlin-based Copenhagen native Dillistone has a new single out. Called “Smoke Signals”, the track saw the Danish songwriter & producer working with American singer LeyeT. It is a chill, vibey jam with a tinge of melancholy. Dillistone says they wrote “Smoke Signals” as a metaphor for the feeling of being close to someone yet feeling emotionally distant.

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D’Sound x Shontelle – “Necessary Love”

Norwegian R&B/soul band D’Sound joined forces with Barbadian star Shontelle for a bewitching new song, “Necessary Love”. The single was released with a stunning video filmed in both Norway and Barbados and directed by Bjørnar Strømsholm. “Necessary Love” describes a not-so-rosy romance, with Shontelle’s sultry vocals particularly remarkable. Musically, the funky track blends retro-pop with modern R&B/pop. It was produced by drummer Kim Ofstad and bass player Jonny Sjo.

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Wallners – “Dracula”

Nino, Max, Anna and Laurenz realized early that they were more than just siblings. That, plus their inherent talents led the young Austrians to form the band Wallners, releasing their hypnotic debut single “in my mind” in 2020 via Universal Music. A few singles later, they are still delivering gems, with their latest “Dracula” being equally good.

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