Check out these 8 new pop/rock songs

Here is a roundup of eight new pop/rock songs and videos. Enjoy the selection and listen to other releases here.

Caleb Car Crash – “Down to the Core”

Italian rock band Caleb Car Crash have a blasting new single, “Down to the Core”. The captivating song benefits from an lovely mix of energetic instrumentation and lovely vocals. Lyrically, “Down to the Core” is thoughtful. It was inspired by a poem by Christina Rossetti. The song is a great introduction to the 4-piece outfit.

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WHALE CITY – “Far Away”

“Far Away” is another mellifluous piece from German outfit WHALE CITY. The melody-driven pop-rock song is their first release of 2021. It was written as an expression of the longing for the joys of life. With the COVID-19 pandemic and its undesirable effects extending for more than a year now, this is something that most of us can relate to. “I have repeatedly encountered people who lived in seclusion and thus isolated themselves. Some people just wanted to get distance from something, but some of them also have been in a depression. The current situation we are all in does something similar to us – it separates us from activities and people we love,” explains lead singer Andi.

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In Signs – “Knock Knock”

Ukrainian trio In Signs have shared a brand new song called “Knock Knock”. Typically both gritty and melodic, the song is the first cut in a string of releases expected from them this year. The band reveals, “‘Knock Knock’ is kinda a new start for us and this is a mix of our emotions during the last 4-5 months. ‘Knock Knock’ is about toxic relationships and you just can’t go through it, it’s like drugs and you are so addicted. This song is about trying to be a better person just to convince everyone around that you worth to be heard.”

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Rivals – “Strawberries”

On March 19, pop/rock 4-piece band RIVALS with be releasing a full length album titled Sad Looks Pretty on Me via Smartpunk Records. Out now is the single “Strawberries” and its colourful accompanying video. The new song saw RIVALS deviating from their signature rock sound. Band member Kalie Wolfe explains this: “Micket wrote [‘Strawberries’] to a Latin-styled beat which gave it this extremely uplifting feeling while also still feeling like RIVALS. In the studio it was a very different vibe for us, we all sat around just so confused about how amazing the song was sounding even though it was so different than our normal style, but we just rolled with it and we’re so glad we did.

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Almost Owen – “2020 Heartbreak”

Catchy and flavourful, Los Angeles based artist and producer Almost Owen‘s latest single “2020 Heartbreak” is simply elegant. The pop-rock song infuses hip-hop rhythms and energetic synths. It has the hallmarks of a huge anthem. Almost Owen describes it as “a high key f*ck you to the totally batshit year that was 2020”.

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Kris Orlowski – “Take It All Back”

Kris Orlowski is an independent singer-songwriter from the American city of Seattle. The musician recently linked up with producer and multi-instrumentalist Budo to create an EP titled A New Dawn In Neverland. One of the songs on the EP is the addictive “Take It All Back”. This is an infectious pop-leaning song with silky smooth vocals.

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Ben Rice – “One and Only”

Ben Rice‘s album Future Pretend is in the offing; it arrives on February 19. Ahead of the release, the singer-songwriter and musician shared the single “One and Only”. He accompanied it with a monochromatic video that captures him and his band performing the song on the rooftop of a city building. “‘One and Only’ was a turning point for me,” says Rice about this smooth singalong. “Both in committing to making this record, Future Pretend, and recommitting myself to living in New York City. At the time I wrote it I was pretty burned out on living in the city and wasn’t totally convinced I even wanted to make an album, but when I wrote this song it felt really invigorating to me and made me feel like I needed to be in the city making music.”

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Caleb Flood – “Venus/Madonna”

“Venus/Madonna” is the newest single from burgeoning artist and producer Caleb Flood. The 80s inspired track carries a sweet funky groove and blends rock and synth-pop. “Venus/Madonna” is about being emotionally torn between two different people for all the wrong reasons.

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