New Release Friday; new songs out on February 19th

Every Friday, Aipate publishes a roundup of songs released that week. Here is our selection (and Spotify playlist update) for February 19th.

Nomina – “Luthando Lo”

“Luthando Lo” is the latest single from Nomina, a Germany-based Botswana-Zimbabwean singer. The track combines hypnotizing African rhythms with deep house elements. The resultant soundscape is consistent with Amapiano style. “Luthando Lo” is melodic and carries a smooth soothing vocal. The title translates as ‘this is love’ in the singer’s native Ndebele language.

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TiZ EAST x Moelogo x Nadia Rose – “Bad Habits (Remix)”

After making waves towards the end of last year with his “Bad Habits” tune, East Londoner TiZ EAST has returned with the remix. While the original was a collaboration with the talented Moelogo, this new version features the exciting artist Nadia Rose. Each of the three artists keeps the listeners hooked with punchy lyrics and boisterous-yet-smooth delivery. Musically, “Bad Habits” fusing dancehall, hip-hop and Afropop, creating a unique flavour.

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Fly By Midnight x Cailin Russo – “Diamond Eyes”

New York based pop duo Fly By Midnight have unveiled a new EP titled Plus One. One of the songs on the 4-track project is the Cailin Russo-assisted and infectious “Diamond Eyes”. Other guests on the EP are Clara Mae, Shoffy and Jake Miller. Plus One is out via US-based label, Snafu Records. Listen to it and immerse yourself in the outfit’s creative world.

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Harpoon – “Wavelength (I Think It’s You)”

Sydney’s very own Harpoon is back with another gem. Named “Wavelength (I Think It’s You)”, the song carries the Australian EDM DJ/producer and artist’s signature brand of vibey house music. In the past, he’s wowed listeners with releases like “Horizon”and “Enjoying The View“. This new song is gladsome and romance-hinged, with the warm vocals particularly alluring.

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Joakim Molitor x Franky – “Roads”

Out now on Playground Music is this feel-good anthem from Swedish producer Joakim Molitor and UK singer-songwriter Franky. Working with acclaimed songwriter Aniela Eklund, the artists created an uplifting house/pop jam sure to warm the listeners’ hearts. Says Franky: “I feel like this track blends the worlds of pop and dance really well, it’s a great combination of the two genres coming together which I really like about this collaboration. I also feel like a lot of people can relate to this song, in that having that one person in your life that you always come back to. Even if you’ve parted ways and gone down separate roads, the roads always seem to bring you back together“. And, indeed, this song is quite irresistible.

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clide – “broken parts (Madism Remix)”

Emerging pop sensation clide has teamed up with Dutch DJ/producer Madism for a remix of his hit single “broken parts”. This version flips the melancholic ballad into an upbeat EDM track suitable for any dancefloor. Still, clide’s rueful lyrics feel haunting as ever. Simply, the song invites emotions to the dancefloor as it rekindles feelings from a past relationships.

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WANYI – “Loved You Once (Robotaki Remix)”

“Loved You Once” by Hong Kong-based R&B/pop artist WANYI has received an official remix. This rework — done by Toronto producer Robotaki — adds more guitars and energy, transforming it from a slow-burning ballad to a shimmering electropop track. “Loved You Once” is a nostalgic and bittersweet piece. While releasing the original song, the singer-songwriter had said it’s “…about meeting someone who I used to be close to, and realising that we’ve both grown and drifted apart. Although feelings have changed, I’m still grateful to have met that person”. The remix retains the vibe.

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Klara Zangerl – “Trial Day”

Klara Zangerl is a Stockholm-based Swedish artist, producer and songwriter. Although she is just starting out, the 19-year-old is already feeding fans’ curiosity by cleverly blurring the boundaries of R&B, pop and soul. Armed with a strong voice, she’s ready embark on the process of unveiling her debut EP. A new single called “Trial Day” (her first release of the year) gives listeners a taste of what to expect from the upcoming project. The singer remarks, “‘Trial Day’ is about times when you’re trying to hard. I think everyone should aim to be their best authentic selves, but many people want to present a perfect image instead of looking within. Have we not learned that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? A pretty book with a selling summary is probably not the best book. This song is a somewhat ironic experience of passively judging others yet being so yourself“.

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Subshock & Evangelos – “Don’t Wanna”

Belgium/Spanish duo Subshock & Evangelos have dropped a 2-track EP called Want U. The release is courtesy of the gamer-centric imprint Night Mode. It consists of the pop-ready leading track “Don’t Wanna” and the emotive B-side “If You Wanna” which features German artist Voicians. With their shape-shifting sound, the electronic music outfit has been able to amass a diverse fan-base.

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Josh Le Tissier x Sander Nijbroek – “Wildfire”

“Wildfire” is the latest release from Josh Le Tissier, an EDM producer hailing from Guernsey (an island in the English Channel). The vibrant progressive house record features singer Sander Nijbroek. Beginning with chill guitar and piano chords, the track proceeds with energetic synths which find a match in Sander’s soaring vocals. And “Wildfire” carries one hell of a drop!

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Subhi x GOLDHOUSE – “In My Way (Remix)”

Chicago singer-songwriter Subhi linked up with GOLDHOUSE for the remix of her song, “In My Way”. The result is a dance-inducing house/pop banger. This track’s inviting rhythms and velvety vocals are particularly inviting. Alongside the remix is a beautiful visual complementing the warm melodies. The video was directed by Lyle Lindale.

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Anja Kotar – “Alone Together”

Slovenian singer-songwriter Anja Kotar steps out with yet another glistening pop cut. Titled “Alone Together”, it’s a catchy and melody-filled tune that reminds us just how vocally and lyrically talented the artist is. The song vividly delves into a relatable emotion: that feeling of being lonely and reminiscing the warmth of past moments. Anja paired it with a pleasing, self-directed video.

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ORIAN – “What Pulls You”

Since his 2019 debut, Berlin-based Irish singer-songwriter ORIAN has continued to attract fans with every new release. His latest single “What Pulls You” is a moving indie-pop ballad written he co-wrote with Will Church. The heartfelt song was penned about the need to be open with yourself (and others) about how you feel, especially when you need support. It was accompanied by a lovely video directed by Nick Scholey.

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Yassin x Sean Terrio – “Take My Time (Unplugged)”

It wouldn’t be wrong to label “Take My Time (Unplugged)” as a belated Valentine’s Day gift from Canadian artist Yassin to his fans. Featuring singer Sean Terrio, it’s an acoustic version of a single he dropped in 2020. The gentle soundscape and soft, seductive vocals fits into the song’s romantic theme. “I wrote this song about all my favourite moments shared with someone near and dear to me. To me, the original version captures the exhilarating nature of living out those moments, and this version about holding on to each precious second of them. Or to simplify the original is meant for people to dance fast, and this one is meant for slow dancing with your person,” explains Yassin. He goes ahead to reveal that the song was not meant to be a full release but, after it turned out so good, him and Sean had no choice but to share it with the world.

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Caley Rose – “Behind Closed Doors”

Indie-pop artist (and former opera and Off-Broadway singer) Caley Rose has shared a new single called “Behind Closed Doors”. Produced by Bill Lefler and mixed by Adrian Alvarado, it finds the Buffalo-born American singer-songwriter’s vocals gliding smoothly over a piano-driven cinematic production. The song is very evocative and was written as an ode to the secrets we keep hidden ‘behind closed doors’. True to the message, Caley will be exposing her own secrets through a series of social media videos.

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Gabrielle Current – “Down the Line”

2021 will surely be an exciting for Gabrielle Current and her growing fanbase. The 24-year-old artist will be releasing a new EP which she created together with producer Austin Brown. And now, Current has just released a new single and video called “Down the Line”. About it, she comments: “‘Down the Line’ definitely set the tone for this project. It was the first song I wrote for the EP and all the songs that followed are really just extensions of the struggle I felt during that time. It’s a reflection of my ability to process change and experience the freedom that comes with it. It was through the letting go of a familiar relationship that I gained an independence and a type of freedom that could only come from me.” Previously, the singer dropped “Plenty“.

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Aaron Taos – “Loving Someone”

Pop/rock artist Aaron Taos has shared a new EP, For Marv. The 4-song EP is dedicated to his father who passed away last month. “During his last couple weeks of life, he was put in hospice at home,” says the singer. “I would play these songs by his bedside to help him through his transition. This project is meant as a celebration of everything he meant to me as well as the difficult process of losing him. Although this is a release for my father, I hope others will connect with the emotion and experience of these songs.” One of the songs on (and capturing the mood of) the EP is “Loving Someone”.

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KNUT Roertveit – “Look at the Sky”

“Look at the Sky” is a new song from Norwegian musician KNUT Roertveit. Accompanied by a great music video directed by Sander Eriksen, and released via Nordic Records, the song explores the feelings of longing to be alone with someone who is no longer around you. The singer-songwriter drew from his own experiences to write this piece alongside Espen Guldbrandsen. Musically, “Look at the Sky” is a melodic and dreamy pop track.

<<Find on KNUT Roertveit on Instagram>>

itscanturan – “believe”

Istanbul-based Turkish dance music specialist itscanturan has a crafted a new banger. The track is named “believe” and has an old school feel to it. Listen to the song and sample the artist’s previous tracks, including “sorry”.

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