Signal Fire and The Ellameno Beat tackle misinformation with new song, “False Reality”

Signal Fire and The Ellameno Beat have a new song called “False Reality”. It’s an intoxicating reggae groove paired with socially conscious lyrics. The song tackles the phenomenal rise in misinformation, both in mainstream and social media.

Reggie Froom (the frontman of The Ellameno Beat) explained: “I’m directly voicing my feelings and frustrations about the current state of society. My statements are aimed directly at particular media sources, personalities, political figures, and citizens of this nation who have chosen to follow the lead of baseless conspiracy theory, and abandon any and all truth that does not serve their own self-interest.

Signal Fire bandleader Sean Gregory added, “Corruption runs deep and always has. I think in the age of social media and information we are just starting to see it surface more.


Find The Ellamano Beat and Signal Fire on Instagram.


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